Cowboys melting down?

In the wake of losing Romo for a few weeks and possibly seeing the last of Pacman, Jerry Jones traded 1st, 3rd, and 6th round picks for Roy Williams (the WR).  This is an shaky move on several fronts: 

- Williams is a good player, but he's only had one 1000+ yard season, and that was also the only season he played in 16 games.  He's caught good but not great TD numbers in his first four seasons as well. 

- Williams hasn't been playing well this season because he's grouchy, and he's in the last year of his contract with a bad organization.  For some perspective, the Patriots also aquired a receiver who wasn't playing well because he was grouchy and who was in the final year of his contract with a bad organization, but he was a lot better than Roy Williams, they paid a 4th round pick for him, and they got him for the whole season. 

- Williams signed a new deal with the Cowboys, but I'm sure the Cowboys could have aquired Williams for similar money next year (probably in the $8-10M/yr range), so they just paid over 2/3 of their "value" in 2009 draft picks for 10 games of Roy Williams, 3-4 of which their starting QB will miss. 

- The Cowboys don't need more offensive playmakers.  Barber, Jones, Owens, and Witten are all great playmakers.  Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin are decent complements, and have been reasonably productive.  Everyone looked at these guys pre-season and said they're going to the Super Bowl.  If your Super Bowl caliber offensive playmakers can't get you to the Super Bowl, why not try to add more?  This is one thing that's better about football than baseball: you play teams, not players. 

- The offense Jones is upgrading has scored at least 24 points in every game they've played.  They're 3rd in both yards and scoring.  Why does Jones think adding another guy where they're already stacked is going to make a big difference?  The Redskins held the ball for 38+ minutes against them, which is how they beat them.  Maybe they should have picked up a LB that can cover.  Maybe Jerry Jones can buy a bottle of extra strength chemistry to make everyone happier with their roles.  Buying another quality playmaker with a superstar ego isn't going to fix their problems. 

- Obviously Jones understands the state of the CBA better than I do, but he's gambling that there won't be a cap in 2010.  Is there anyone who doesn't have a big contract with the Cowboys?  They have to be so far above the cap that if the new CBA institutes a salary cap, they're going to crash and burn.  They're giving away draft picks and payroll like they were just laying on the ground.  It reminds me of the last days of the 90's Cowboys' dynasty minus the playoff victories and Super Bowls. 

We'll see if this move helps them in the short term, but it's a disaster for their long term outlook.  Stranger things have happened, but I doubt they'll beat the Giants or Bucs, and if Romo is ready to go after the bye, he could walking into Washington with a sore pinky, a 5-4 record, and a 1-2 divisional record.  Jones has built his team with unstable players, and it's situations like this that encourage all those players to break down.  This is why the Cowboys are so media friendly. 

Bonus Picture:


Owens only has one lover, but Romo likes to play the field.  Well, the field just got bigger. 

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