Driveby Report from Browns week

Ok sadly I can say this is the only game this year that I did not see the whole game.  I was upset over the time changes on our 1pm games and finally one that's not changed bit me in the rear.  I was eating with my lovely wife.  I did pick a place that had a TV in the bar area, Texas Roadhouse (which has the best steaks of any restaurant by far).  The bartender couldn't work a remote so we had to watch a college replay game on ESPN classic until someone (after 30 minutes of trying) changed the batteries in the remote. DUH!  The only game on was the Bengals (that's what I get for living in Dayton Ohio.  I almost choked when I saw an update showing Ben being carried off. Anyhow...on to the driveby:

1. Say what you want, but this was an NFL game.  I don't blame Tomlin for playing the starters.  I'm not saying it was the right choice.  I'm just saying I agree with his decision.  I guess we will find out if it WAS the right choice.  Let's see how the Titans come out (who sat their starters and got blanked) and how we come out (who played their starters and did the blanking.)

2. Just my opinion (imagine that I have an opinion) but I don't think there is much drop off with Leftwich in.  I don't think there is any drop off at all.  Leftwich is quite capable of leading this team.  I would rather have a healthy Leftwich than a loopy Ben.  I really don't have an opinion though on who is better.  Ben has won for years and his greatest asset is also his greatest enemy.  He holds the ball for a long time and makes big plays as well as making really bad ones.  Leftwich gets rid of the ball quickly and it gets there in a hurry.  He is not as mobile and tends to be a little brittle.  In the immortal words of Forrest Gump "That's about all I have to say about that."

3. Carter did a great job, but I think we need Clark back there.  He always seems to be around the ball.  He makes big plays.  I think this defense funnels plays his way.  When he's not in there I think in the past they changed a little.  Maybe not.  It seemed last week they didn't change anything with Carter in there and he came up big.  Then again maybe Cleveland say him as the only weakness and found out that Carter can hold his own.  Especially against their anemic offense.   Heck Carter does well enough to keep us from putting Townsend at FS (which has been talked of in the past.)  When Clark is healthy he's solid.  Let’s just hope he gets that shoulder together. 

4. I still am looking for the revenge road to our 6th Super Bowl victory.  Colts, Titans, Giants (heck you can swap Philly in here). 

5. Did anyone notice that Willie Parker had some of his burst back?  I hadn't seen it this year since his injury.  I know he hasn't had many holes to run through before last Sunday, but even when he was in the open he hadn't had that burst.  I hope this is a good sign.

6. Lawrence Timmons.  :)  nuff said.

7. Willie Colon :( nuff said.

8. Most mocks have us taking Duke Robinson in the first round.  All I have to say is...He's a beast! 

9.  Another mock has us taking Macklin from Missouri in the first round.  If no first round worthy linemen are available then that would be awesome!  A kick returner, awesome athlete and good sized receiver.

10.  I figured since I got to 9 I would ad something to even it out at 10.  If you want to say something I didn't touch on at a comment with the number 10. 


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