NFL Trivia: College Edition Answers

Here are the answers to the questions posted yesterday:

1) Which of the following schools has sent the most players to the National Football League?


Notre Dame - 493 players to NFL

2) This former Buffalo Bills WR, who frequently came up with big plays in the postseason, attended Chadron State University in Nebraska?

Answer:  Don Beebee. I maybe should have added that this player shone in the playoffs in the '90s for all who may know Bills history from year's past. 

3) The Baltimore Ravens selected Joe Flacco from the University of Delaware in the 1st Round of the 2008 NFL Draft. What other QB had a succesful career following his playing days as a Blue Hen?

Answer: Rich Gannon; Scott Brunner could qualify as well, though I wouldn't call his career all that succesful. How RickVa knew of Brunner and his Delaware ties amazes me.

4) Charlie Joiner, a 3-time Pro Bowler and 1996 HOF inductee, attended which famous all-black university in the South?

Answer: Grambling State.

5) Willie Colon attended Hofstra University. How many other Hofstra alumni that have played in the NFL can you name? Hint: think WRs

Answer: The two that I was thinking of primarly were Wayne Chrebet and Marquest Colston. There are 20 players from Hofstra who have played in the NFL. Lance Schulters, a DB in the league for many years and one-time Pro Bowler, also might have crossed one's mind.

6) This blue-collar Steelers player of many years leads all former New Hampshire graduates in games played in the NFL?

Answer: Dan Kreider.

7) This former favorite target of Joe Namath is Rice University's most famous NFL product?

Answer: Don Maynard, a 1987 HOF inductee. Quick fact: Maynard, in 1967, totaled 1434 yards in just 14 games, with 10 TDs to boot. That's some serious production for back then.

8) Which of the following names was not an actual NFL player, past or present?

A) R-Kal K-Quan Truluck

B) Jean-Philippe Darche

C) Dick Deer Slayer

D) Suge Knight

E) None of the Above

Answer: E - None of the Above.  I guess nobody would pick A, as how in the hell am I going to make up a name like that. For those who have read my stuff for a long time, I suppose you probably know by now that it's not really my style to make a joke like Answer C. Mr Deer Slayer played for one whole year for the Oorang Indians in 1922, a team composed exclusively of Native American players. I had no idea.

Anyway, an interesting collection of names there, all of whom have played at some point in the league.

9) Colts head coach Tony Dungy lettered in both basketball and football at what university?

Answer: Minnesota. Billy Packer almost wet his pants in self-congratulatory delight recalling Dungy's hoops days this past March, when they had Dungy on air for a few minutes during the Golden Gophers suprise run to the Big 10 Tournament Finals.

10) The University of Pittsburgh has sent an astounding 5 players to the Hall of Fame. How many of them can you name? Three of them are somewhat easy. The other two are tough.

Bonus Question: Astonightly, it appears there may be more former Panthers set to be enshrined in Canton one day in the future.  What other Panthers graduates might one day be elected to the Hall?

Answer: Dorsett, Marino, Ditka, Joe Schmidt , Joe Stydahar

Bonus Answer: Curtis Martin; Rickey Brown (10th in sacks, 6 Pro Bowls); Russ Grimm!; Chris Doleman (probably a lock); Ruben Brown (9 Pro Bowls).

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