BMF's Camp Update: 8/3

This was my first time going to camp, so it was a little daunting to focus on anything with so much going on.  I did my best, though, and here's what I saw in chaotic order:


I saw Moore do one punt return, and he looked pretty good.  Interestingly enough, by far the most impressive looking returner was Drummond.  He gave a really nice move on one in particular.  It's pretty obvious he has a lot more experience than the others.  Reid, Bloom and whoever else was returning punts didn't stand out much.  I didn't see any muffed punts, but they weren't full contact drills, either. 

Ward and Holmes looked a little casual in the WR drills.  Nate looked pretty good.  Reid and Sweed didn't look bad, if I remember correctly.  In one passing scrimage, Sweed tipped a ball into the air and was lucky it wasn't picked. 

The highlight of the 7-on-7 drills was Holmes flying past Anthony Madison (?) on a deep corner route, getting a great pass from Ben, and subsequently dropping a sure touchdown.  Maybe we can hold off on the Reggie Wayne comparisons for now.  This isn't the first time I've seen him either misjudge or drop a deep pass.  Potts and Dixon looked pretty terrible throwing the ball all day (as my wife pointed out).  Ben and Batch both looked pretty good, although Batch had a few off target passes. 

The 7-on-7 drills showed a lot of underneath crossing routes and check-downs, which was pretty encouraging, honestly.  There seemed to be a lot of completed passes, but they were simulating 3rd and long, and where I was sitting, it was hard to tell if they were getting the first downs or just completing short passes. 

Matt Spaeth stood out as a guy who seemed to be running decent routes and catching the ball well.  As far as receiving goes, it was obvious that he was closer to Miller than he was to the backups.  This is just a thought, but if all we need is a good blocking TE, I don't know why we wouldn't just put Starks in there.  Mendenhall also looked good coming out of the backfield. 

Speaking of Mendy, there's been a lot of talk about him on the goalline (he was stuffed every time), and true, he may have hesitated a little, but the bigger problem was that the offensive line was absolutely overwhelmed by the first team defense.  IMO, this has consistenly been the problem on the goal line against halfway decent run defenses.  Sure, Mendy could have made a spectacular move and gotten in, but he basically had 3 yards to get through instead of 1.  On the second rep, he got absolutely crushed by Foote (maybe?).  Russell may have had more success because there's a bigger drop-off with the second team defense than the second team offensive line. 

The offensive line also looked pretty bad in the scrimages.  My wife is now scared for Ben's health, which should tell you how bad it was (she also wasn't too impressed with the goalline drill).  They usually didn't stop the plays when someone got the QB, but there were a couple times that 3 or 4 guys were standing around the QB when he threw the ball.  It was pretty hard to tell who was at fault most of the time, but it didn't look good.

Woodley didn't play again (I was disappointed), but Timmons was always right with the underneath receivers, even if the QB's still fit some balls into them.  On one play, the QB threw to Lasko in the flat, and Timmons flew across the field and would have completely leveled him if he hadn't pulled up (it wasn't a full contact drill).  That tells me he was both reading the play correctly and having the athleticism it takes to make the play on defense.  I watched him a lot on the running plays, and I didn't seem him make any tackles (they didn't seem to be running his way much), but he was taking on blocks and (I think) keeping cut back lanes from forming.  Harrison and Smith were both on the strong side, and they were really making the running plays stretch out on that side.


That's about all I can remember.

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