So much for that "tough schedule"

Well, did things sure change. All off season, most people have talked about how hard our schedule is. Record wise, it was the toughest schedule in NFL History I believe.

Now, our schedule has gone from unbelievably tough to just average. Lets take a look at our supposed to be tough opponents and why some of these opponents are no longer "automatic losses" as some people like to claim.

Jacksonville: Garrard faded down the stretch last season once teams got more tape on him. Jacksonville's OLine is in trouble. Starting Guard Vince Manuwai out for the year, Maurice Williams out for 2 months, and Brad Meester possibly missing the first 4 weeks of the season makes it so there run game could be very average. Matchup = much easier.

New York Giants: Lost Strahan to retirement, lost Osi for the year. Thats 22 sacks they lost from last year. This matchup got alot easier. They still have a great DLine but have no depth that made there SB win possible. Matchup = much easier.

Indianapolis: Peyton Manning had no practice time through out Summer. As we saw week 1, he isnt ready to dominate like were used too. They lost Saturday who I believe is on the PUP list so he will not play the first 6 weeks of the season. We unfortunately play Indy week 10 so he could be healthy by then, but whos to say both he and Manning will be 100%? Not too mention this supposedly tough team got beat by the lowly Bears. Could still be tough since they could get healthy by time we play them.

San Diego: Got beat by Carolina. Starters Hardwick, McNeil, Merriman, and Gates are all injured. Gates and Merriman played but are probably not 100%.Merriman wont be 100% for the full year. This could still be a tough matchup.

New England: Obviously with Brady being out, I can see us easily beating New England. I doubt Cassel is as great at spreading the field and throwing underneath like Brady which in my opinion is the only way NE can beat us. There Defense now has a lot of pressure since they wont be up by 5 touchdowns like last year. There secondary has gotten worse. There starting corners are Ellis Hobbs and Lewis Sanders, hardly great players. Matchup = much easier.

Dallas: This is the only team I believe on our schedule that is completely healthy, thus it should be the toughest game on our schedule.

Clevekand: Anderson, and Edwards played very little in pre season due to injuries. They are not 100%. Cribbs is banged up, Stallworth is getting an MRI done. They appear to have a lot of minor injuries. Jurevicious is on the PUP I believe so he will be inactive for week 2.

Didnt include Philly or Tennessee. There is a lot of hype over philly for some reason, but I dont see it.

All of these injuries are the perfect example and reason why there is no such thing as a tough schedule when looking at it before the games are played. It has been one week and teams all over the place are injured and beat up.

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