Jack Klompus: Jerry, I had a little mishap with the car.



For those of you who are huge Seinfeld fans, you'll most likely recognize the quote and picture.  They are both from a scene where Jerry is buying a Cadillac from Jack Klompus, the guy pictured and the inspiration for my handle.  Klompus is driving it before giving it to Jerry and runs it into a swamp.  He calls Jerry and all he has to say is "I had a little mishap with the car."  A great understatement.

I imagine this is very similar to what Tomlin could be saying to the Rooneys.    Mike-tomlin_medium


"I had a little mishap with the car.  It's called 2009."

 Now for more of what I consider "mishaps with the car," a phrase I'll be using to describe something I see as having gone wrong or simply something that is wrong.


 - The MVP award doesn't actually go to the Most Valuable Player.  Sure, the argument that the player with the best stats or the most wins is going to be most valuable to their team is fair enough, but I don't think its deniable that Troy is one of the most valuable players in the league to his respective team.  When he plays all 4 quarters we're undefeated and our D shoots up to levels parallel to last year.  When he only plays part of a game or none at all we're towards the bottom of the league and give up around 12 points a game more on average (if I remember the stats right, correct me if I'm wrong.)  Now I know it's stupid to give the award to a player whos only played for 3 full games this season, but I'm just sayin'.

- Roger Goodell was given the car by Paul, and well, frankly I think hes well on his way to a full blown mishap!  First of all, he tries excessively hard to make sure players know they're accountable, usually via harsh punishments.  Beyond that, he is letting his greed show by shipping games over borders and across seas (Ontario and London) and suggesting that preseason games be cut in favor of two more regular season games.  Does he want this to become the NBA and MLB with 304932049 games a season?  I think the worst of all is his seemingly inability to do anything concrete about the concussion problem.  TMQ writes nearly every week that a double sided mouthguard can reduce concussions considerably and would only cost a small amount per player.  This should definitely be mandated in my opinion.  All he's done (to my knowledge) thus far is require that players pass tests from team doctors.  And mandate a one day rest period.  To put it nicely, he's pussyfooting around the entire issue.  I don't advocate the extreme and say mandate concussion resistant helmets because not all players find them comfortable and it's their head, and thus their choice, but more should be done to make players feel like they aren't being pressured to the field.  I was a fan for most of Paul's reign and I must say compared to him Roger feels like a fool.  My prediction is when he retires his legacy is of greed, inaction, and stupidity.

- Whoever gave Who-Dey a computer with an internet connection definitely had a mishap with the car.  I imagine a bear that was formerly drawing penises on cave walls with berries stumbled upon a laptop with internet in the woods left behind by some careless camper and quickly commenced slamming on the keyboard.  


This really was not intended as an informational piece as many posts on this website seem to be, but more of a discussional, fun piece.  These are my opinions, feel free to disagree, and if you do, I encourage you to post about it.  Nothing I enjoy more than a little friendly debate or discussion.  I'm still fairly new around here, so if you feel like this is out of place, irrelevant, stupid, etc etc etc, just yell at me enough and I'll stop posting :)


As an addition, I'm going to attempt what I believe to be the first official vote on BTSC blog member awards!?

I will write out the awards that I think should be voted on, you simply copy and paste the last section of this post into your comment and fill in the blanks with who you think is most deserving.  I'll attempt to tally them, using my discretion to weed out troll ballots and the like.  If you want yours to be private, you can always email yours to me at and I'll count it just the same.  If you have suggestions for more awards, please do suggest either here or via email and I'll edit this post asap.  Without further nonsense:


Favorite Overall User:


Most Sarcastic:






Best Moderator:


Best Commenter:


Best Poster:


Most Improved Member:


Wish you were here:


Most Active Member:


Best New Member:



I'll start it out small since it's my first attempt at this.  

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