The Driveby Report: Guaranteed Win Edition

Time to roll down the street and let the bullets fly.

1. I guaranteed a victory folks.  I hope you didn't sweat the game.

2. Willie Gay:  Be nice.  He is really struggling.  He could have really redeemed himself if he had picked that pass off and ran it back.  You know the one that he broke up on the sideline?  He played it well, got there early and then just stood and knocked it down.  That may be a sign of all of this getting to him mentally.  Maybe some timidity is creeping in. 

3. Joe Burnett: Does a good job, but I think he may still have a little to go in getting the system down.  I really can't think of any other reason they wouldn't just put him in.  I did see him getting some lectures on the sideline.  I also saw him out of position a few times, but hey he's a rookie.  It's good to see him on the field getting some PT.

4. Game of inches:  Reed's field goal was inches from "doinking" of the right upright.  Wallace was inches from having his catch be a great effort but incomplete.  Farrior was inches from a pass getting over his head and having another long pass in the middle of the field go for a huge chunk of yards: maybe even a TD. 

5. The onside kick:  I like the call.  You might say "kick it deep and depend on your defense."  Ok, were you watching the rest of the game?  If they drive the field and score from 70 yards out there will only be about one minute left.  The kick actually was executed well except for one thing.  What the heck was Ike Taylor doing on the "hands" team?  Oh wasn't the hands team. If they changed to a hands team it would have tipped it off.  Quit ragging the team for trying to win.  Anyhow, Ike could have let it go 10.  They had numbers around the ball.

6. The drive:  The end of yesterday's game was very similar to the last drive of the Super Bowl. Complete with the "toe in" side of the endzone TD.  When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to play out this scenario in the back yard.  Time for one play, down by 6 run into the endzone square out to the sideline and the ball comes on the money.  Toes are in Touchdown!  I hope the whiners sold their tickets to the game so they didn't get to see it.

7. Run the darn ball:  They are still having "3 throw 3 and outs".  Play Action would work if they would run the ball.  They ran some play action later in the game, but I really don't call most of that play action.  I mean good play action has a fake handoff, not just getting in the vicinity of the running back.

8. Tyron Carter: What the heck was he thinking on the Jennings touchdown?  He made a weak attempt at an INT and just ran right past the play with a weak attempt to tackle.

9. Ike Taylor:  The only time I saw him was the onside kick.  Good and Bad.  Good he played well, bad he made a boo boo.

10. Timmons:  This guy is scary when he blitzes.  I would hate to see how he would look on the other side coming down on Ben like that.

11. Woodley:  Almost had his second TD return of the season.

12. Offensive Holding:  Only exists on the Steelers side.  I don't like to complain but...that was a WEAK hold that took away Rush-Hard's TD.  Green Bay converted a crucial 3rd down and Harrison was hogtied.  It's "No holds barred" against our defense.

13. Willie Parker:  Can still run the ball.

14. Ben:  I still think he was suffering ill effects of that concussion last week.  Did Ben actually throw some short passes and hit check downs?  Tell me if I was imagining things.  All the hype of the Green Bay linebackers and Heath schooled them.  He held the ball too long on one play and threw the ball away with non one near him just as Hines Ward broke open.

15. Mike Wallace:  This just in...he's fast.  At first I thought Ben held the ball too long and let Wallace get too deep.  They played it again and I realized that Ben rolled to the right, setup and fired right away.  Mike Wallace is the real deal.  He has good hands to go with his speed.  I know, he dropped one and let one go through his hands, but that happens sometimes.  By the way the one caught while running backward may have been a catch and fumble.  By the way if Buddy Ryan was his coach he would hate him.  He would say "All he does is catch touchdowns."  Wallace 2 catches, two touchdowns

16. Holmes:  Must be signed!  He makes some big catches and once he gets the ball he cuts on a dime.  In my neighborhood we call his type "ankle breakers."   You down need a big window to get him the ball and when he does he can hurt a defense with his agility.  Those skills he has for returning punts are also deadly on receptions.

17. Ramon Foster:  He's a rookie folks, but he still outplayed Essex.

18. Starks:  Ok so a dude ducked under him once and got a sack but he did well.  They called holding on a play I've seen numerous times in the NFL without a call.  I know..just because other people get away with speeding doesn't mean your not guilty when you get caught.  So I complained about holding twice in one post.  I'm making up for the times I didn't say anything.

19. I still don't want to see this team get into the playoffs and get demolished by the Colts.

20. Redzone running: Good to see the Steelers get a rushing TD. 

21. Long game:  I knew it would be long when the first 3 drives took a total of 1:57.  There were 9 drives in the first quarter, though the 9th drive went into the 2nd.  Steelers games used to be short because they ran the ball.  This was a battle of Air Forces.  That game was about 3hours and 45 minutes with no overtime.

22. This is your bullet:  Fire away

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