An Updated Wild Card look

Well I'm still aroused from last night.... But now's time to look at the business end of the stick. We are in a multi-way tie with 7-7 as our record. Fortunately for us, there are only two teams above us, a few with us, and a few below us.


So hows about we take a gander at our still slim but entirely mathematically possible wild card hopes?


The first things first. Our division winners, most likely, are Cincy, Colts, Whales Vagina, Cheaters.

Below them, our front runner is the Denver Farmsecks Broncos. They have a 8-6 record. Just one game above us.

And just below them, at the 6 spot, the Purple Browns with an identical 8-6 record.


And below those folks, lots of hungry birds squaking for some food to fall to them. They are as follows:


You're very own Pittsburgh Steelers, at a 7-7 record, with an AFC conf record of 4-6.

The Ten'Teeth Titans, sitting at 7-7, with a 4-7 Conference record.

The Maurice Jones-Drew's at 7-7 with a 6-4 Conf record.

The Sea Monkeys (dolphins) at 7-7, and a 5-5 Conference Record.

The Jetsons with a 7-7 record also at 5-5 for conference.

And the Expansion team with a 7-7 record, with a 4-6 conference record also.


Lets start at the top. The unfortunate situation is this: We can't finish tied with The Purple Browns and get into the playoffs. They will have the conference record on us. For them to concede their spot to us, they will have to lose next week to us, and @ Oakland in the last week. Which isnt impossible. Just improbable.

But the 5 seed got a lot more interesting. Denver is also 8-6, and if you recall, we own a head to head tiebreaker. And this "Denver" has to go to the Eagles, which should be a very difficult matchup, in fact one I feel they will lose.

Of the Wild Card Teams, the Sea Monkeys play us to close out the regular season. A win there will eliminate them from contention. So we neednt worry about them.

Houston plays the Dolphins, and the Pats. Theres at least one loss there. They wont be a factor.

Jacksonville goes to New England next week in a likely loss. This will get them, our biggest 7-7 threat, out of the way.

The Ten'Teeth Titans are tied with us, but lost to us to start the year, meaning they wont hurt us at all even if they win out.

The Jetsons get a fun trip to Indy next week, and host the Bengals after that. No way they win both of those.

So the simple fact here is this: The other 7-7 teams have incredibly hard roads to hoe, and will be eliminated.

So now the 8-6 teams: Denver has to lose one game. Simple as that. We will leap-frog them via tiebreaker. Look no further than the eagles game this week. Baltimore alternately could lose to us, and then to oakland in the last week of the season.


Folks, expect to see a Pair of 9-7s enter the playoffs this year as wild cards. And one of them will be the Steelers.


Your Rooting Guide:

Week 16: Cheer for:

Indy to beat the Jets

Dolphins to beat Houston

New England (I know it sucks) to beat JAX

The Iggles to beat the Broncos.

And of course, the Steelers to beat the Ravens.

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