Are you in? or are you out?

Happy Holidays Everybody!


What a Great Time of Year it is. I look forward to a Peaceful week of Family (as dysfunctional as some of ours may be lol) snow, good eats a tall glass o" wine or 3 and and Steeler Football. ahhh I love it.

Last Sunday the Wife and I were fortunate enough to be at the Pitt-Pack game. My original Tix were as usual Upper deck endzone. I love upper deck endzone most of the time, I ve always enjoyed seeing the WR's Run their patterns from that perspective and the crowd up there sometimes seems a tad more "festive" for my tastes. As i Chugged my Last Heinekin Before entering Gate A, I scanned the many open yellow seats in the lower bowl of the field and Decided i was gonna be that guy . So I Told asked the wife to follow me and I copped a seat around the 30 Yd line In a row of open seats and Partied with some great folk who were happy to have us. Great Game, Great time! 

If somebody woulda told me In August Id be at the Steelers Packers game With about 5-7 Thousand people absent Id have doubted.

speaking of  Doubt . I ponder all the fans who bugged out with 2 min. left in the game. They missed one of the greatest Regular season sports plays in Steelers history. Not me! No Sir No Way.

I Remember after the pathetic browns game trying to figure out the whole "if we win the last 3 game and xyz happen" deal and  with the exception of a few people here I got  "snowballz chance" and "we wont win again this year" Heck I even tried to get people fired up for the Jax-Indy game with nobody stickn" around for the party.

Now I know the steelers played Bad vs Cleveland. I also know besides that game most of the time were at least in the game till the end.  The Steelers are NOT a Horrible team. Thats why thought if we can turn it around  and  Sweep the last 3 (2 @ home) we MAY have a chance to hit the final seed. 

There is no great victory without a great challenge.

what a difference a week makes. Now half the Post are about Playoff Scenerios (Love it!)

What I suppose im ramblin" about is Are YOU going to leave the staduim with 2 minutes left?  or are you in a hurry to get to your car and complain about xyz just because your scared to Love? I say open your Heart. Do you feel that if the steelers go 9-7 and get in the playoffs you will be pissed because B.A. didnt call YOUR offensive gameplan? Do you feel rite now the steelers arent good enough or deserving enough to be in the playoffs? what if we DO make it? Then what? Are you Complaining ,or do you try to re-enter the stadium? Where do you stand?

Are you gonna stand up and Say Bring on the Ravens to OUR house and lets get it on even if we lose!  and if we Do what are the 8-8 Scenerios cuz we aint dead yet!

We go through the WHOLE off season with Free agencey, Draft, Training camp, Basketball and Baseball season to finally get to the point where we face some adversity and leave our seats? No way. Not this cat. Im more exited about this weekend (and hopefully more to come) than I have been all year. Pour me a Heinekin and find me a yellow seat.

What id now like to know ahead of time is who wants to sit next to me? not after we get in. not after we get eliminated, NOW for the rest of whatever is left of our season. Want to open your heart with me and say lets go get it? Or have you already joined the masses that care more about there fantasy football team than there REAL team? Theres a seat for YOU next to the guy with the Larry Fitzgerald jersey who doesnt know Anything about the cardinals ( i swear i hate that guy)

There is a whole Row of seats next to me,  The gates are closing soon and you have to stay till the end. I cant promise you anything but Love. Care to join me? 

Peace on Earth Good will t"ward men.

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