Lessons Learned in NFL's Week 15...

Taken from The Klown Times...


Here are my thoughts on Week 15 in the NFL... 

Ben Roethlisberger saved coach Mike Tomlin's ass last Sunday.  I like Mike Tomlin.  I think he is one of the coolest, confident coaches in the NFL.  Having said that, what in the hell was Tomlin thinking with that onside kick call with my Steelers up on the Green Bay Packers 30-28?  That's right, an onside kick with them LEADING, not losing, by TWO POINTS late in the 4th quarter.

As expected, the Packers scored with two minutes and change left to go in the game, and Big Ben rallied the troops on an 86-yard drive that was capped by a 19-yard scoring pass to rookie WR Mike Wallace as time expired.  I know Tomlin was thinking "thank God for Big Ben" after the game.

What is the deal with these coaches making these critical blunders in late-game situations?  I'll have a rant on that later in the week...

What was Vikings coach Brad Childress thinking when he wanted to take Brett Favre out of the game?  I could see if the Vikings were getting their asses kicked at that point of the game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday night.  Not only was that NOT the case, but the Vikings were WINNING 7-6 going into the 4th quarter!  The more I hear about Childress wanting to do the same in a Monday night win over the Packers earlier this season, the more I think this was nothing more than a power play move on Favre.  The only thing was that Childress failed in doing so and the backlash is overwhelming.

Here's the deal, Childress owes Favre for earning that contract extension from ownership.  It was Childress who drove to the airport to pick up Favre himself!  Does Childress really need to show Favre and the rest of the team who is in charge?  Please!  His team knows (and Childress himself knows) that Favre is in charge.  Know your role Chilly! 

The Washington Redskins have officially quit on coach Jim Zorn.  If anyone bothered to watch the entire debacle last night, they would have seen a Redskins team that gave up right before our eyes.  The defense didn't show up.  The offense was plain offensive.  And you've gotta love the coaching.  How about that fake field goal attempt at the end of the first half?  When the Redskins first went to that crazy formation, the Giants called a timeout to talk about it.  Then when play resumes, the Redskins went to it AGAIN!  Of course the play failed and almost resulted in a return for a touchdown. 

Mike Shanahan cannot get to D.C. fast enough (allegedly)...

So much for the Cowboys NOT winning in December.  The Cowboys have made an idiot out of me, and good for them.  They won a HUGE game last Saturday night in handing the New Orleans Saints their first loss on the road.  I was impressed by the way Dallas won.  They dominated both sides of the ball, particularly in the trenches.  DeMarcus Ware harassed stud QB Drew Brees all game, and it was fitting that Ware's last sack/fumble recovery ended the game.  Cowboys QB Tony Romo continues to play at a high level, and the NFC East may come down to the last game of the year when the Cowboys host the Philadelphia Eagles.  Looks like the Cowboys may have picked the right time to solve their December demons...

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