Driveby Report: Playoff Guarantee Edition

I was actually in the Burgh to see this game. I was going to get some tickets from a scalper but I thought about the traffic to get back to Oakdale.  I also wasn't going to do a Driveby but I have been real lazy the last week.  So here goes.  This will not be fresh because I waited for a long time so I apologize in advance...

1.  Laying the Wood:  Lamarr Woodley is definitely not ready to pack it in.  He has elevated his game back to post season level.

2.  Defense:  The defense did something they haven't done in a while.  They kept a lead late in the game.  I think they got the message last week.

3.  Townsend: The crafty veteran held his own.  He's got readjust to being on the island again, but he did much better than Gay.  Gay did make some appearances throughout the game.  He was easy to find.  Townsend made a tackle lat in the game on a play that he would have intercepted a couple years ago.  SIGH  

4.  Rush-Hard:  Will you rush hard please?  That spin move is great at times but if you turn the ball up field you just may break a tackle big guy.  At least you gain a few extra yards.  Oh, and tuck the darn ball away!

5.  Willie Parker:  Is a step from breaking one at times.  I think if he gets his game legs he still can.  If we would run the ball more he would get a chance because there would be more carries to spread arond.

6.  Ziggy:  Congrats on the INT.  I predict that this week you will have a sack and some people will realize that you are playing.

7.  Timmons:  He's starting to come around.  He still misses some tackles, but I have noticed that he's been in good position more often.  He still hits like a truck.  Also correct me if I'm wrong but he covered a WR once or twice with success.

8.  Farrior:  Still a gamer and probably victim of his coaches giving him responsibility just a bit above his physical abilities.  I think he may want to just drop that extra weight he came in with this year and play at the lighter weight.  It never seemed to hurt him.

9.  Carter:  Made a play and made me happy, only to turn around a miss a couple and make me made.  I think enough has been said about Ty Carter.  He has a tough job and he's not a total failure...even though he's had some troubles.

10. Playoffs:  Ha!  I just put this in here because I think it's funny.  I'm planning on being on the road the first weekend of the playoffs.  Ya know what?  I don't think I'll be missing a Steeler playoff game.  I'll give it to you guys.  You are being very optimistic.  I still hope they make it, but at the same time I'm not sold that they are playing well enough to be a playoff team. However, I guarantee a playoff spot.  Figure that out.

11. Ben's late INT that was called back:  He was going to try to get the first down.  They should have been running the ball, but he tried to get the first down.  The play broke down.  He was going to hit Wallace on a dig, but Wallace got held.  The throw was not a good throw.  He did not step into the throw.  I would tell Ben to throw than darn ball as far as he can when he throws to Wallace until he overthrows him one time.  I don't think that will happen.

12. This one is yours....

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