It's time for them to shine

Well here's the time for the rookies we drafted this year to play at a high level.

Well considering that we're sitting at 6-6 right now, most fans would look at that and think, "Wow the steelers are mediocre right now" As a whole, I believe we're not playing to our potential, but then when we start talking about our secondary, we begin to wonder How many tears do i have to shed to stop these receivers from getting WIDE open. well I guess you have to ask Ike, William, Ryan, and Tyrone that.

Lewis and Burnett. The two rookie corners we drafted in the 3rd and 5th round. Well now that Gay will most likely be out due to a concussion from his own player, Burnett will get the start. Now sometimes giving rookies a start, especially at such an important position at corner tends to be scary, but i can't see the situation getting any worse. Our corners currently have a grand total of zero interceptions for the year. I could dress my mom up in gear, point to a guy and tell her to follow him for the whole play, and she'd do a better job than Swagger and Gay. Troy has 3 int's and he's only played 3 1/2 games I believe. That's pathetic on the part of our secondary. Hope that more playing time for lewis and burnett will save our season. I would also like to see townsend take the place of mundy for backup free safety. At least deshea wouldn't hit his own guy or let the raiders get a freebie all the way to the 11 yard line.

Ziggy. He has been playing more and more as the season goes along due to the injury to the vet aaron smith (which in my opinion, is one of THE biggest losses of the year) and I haven't really seen him jump out at me as being amazing for a first rounder, but he has alot of time to develop through the guidance of vets like aaron, brett, and travis.

Mike Wallace. You are a beast. And now you can get the start if Ward doesn't go. I'm not worried about him.

What I AM worried about is...I'm not sure if i'm allowed to say his name on BTSC, but here goes nothing....Limas Sweed.

Phew. I'm glad I got that off my back. Well if Ward is out for this game, we'll only have 3 healthy receivers on our roster in Holmes, Wallace, and Sweed. The scary thing is is that we love to run that bunch formation which usually includes a 3rd receiver, which would normally be Wallace. Now if Sweed can step it up and help us make a run at the end of this season and possibly in the playoffs (Sweed in playoffs=tears), then I may start to trust him. I think the only way i can really describe sweed's talent is by saying that Ike Taylor probably has better hands than this guy..

But we must remain optimistic because, thanks to the packers, we're still in this. We HAVE to win our last 4 games now and there are certain circumstances with other teams losing yadda yadda yadda. I'm sure you guys have already read the playoff picture posts here on BTSC.

Well let's hope and pray and take this season one game at a time and let's hope we get a win this Thursday.

Let's go Steelers.

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