Position depth and Draft needs

Hi all,this is my opinion of what we need inthe draft and please help me with the candidates i'm from Mexico and i can't get any info on college football.

lets start with the D:

DL. We have Orpheus Roye LDE (36), Aaron Smith LDE (32), Nick Eason LDE (28), Brett Keisel RDE (30), Travis Kirschke RDE (34), Casey Hampton NT (31), Chris Hoke NT (32), Kyle Clement NT (23) and Scott Paxson NT (25).  some round 4 or 5 draft, specially in RDE, i hope Paxson turn to be as good as Hoke at least.

LB. LaMarr Woodley LOLB (24), Patrick Bailey LOLB (23), Arnold Harrison LOLB (26), Bruce Davis LOLB (23), James Farrior LILB (33), Keyaron Fox LILB (27), Larry Foote RILB (28), Lawrence Timmons RILB (22), James Harrison ROLB (30), Andre Frazier ROLB (26), Donovan Woods ROLB (23) and Mike Humpal LB (24). No draft pick needed here, maybe and undrafted to add depth to the InsideLB.

DB. Ike Taylor LCB (28), William Gay LCB (24), Anthony Madison LCB (27), Deshea Townsend RCB (33), Bryant McFadden RCB (27), Fernando Bryant RCB (31), Roy Lewis RCB (23), Ryan Clark FS (29), Anthony Smith FS (25), Ryan Mundy FS (24), Troy Polamalu SS (27) and Tyrone Carter SS (32). I don't know Carter's contract situation  but another late draft to SS, will be nice.

The O now:

OL. Max Starks LT (26), Marvel Smith LT (30), Tony Hills LT (24), Jason Cpizzi LT (23), Chris Kemoeatu LG (26), Jeremy Parquet LG (26), Justin Hartwig C (30), Doug Legursky C (22), Darnell Stapleton RG (23), Kendall Simmons RG (30), Trai Essex RG (26) and Willie Colon RT (25). I will say a first round, but our line is very young, maybe a big C and a LT to protect the blind side of BB. The 1st and 2nd round should be spent here.

RB. Carey Davis FB (27), Willie Parker RB (28), Rashard Mendenhall RB (21), Mewelde Moore RB (26), Gary Russel RB (22) and Justin Vincent RB (26). a 3th round in a FB in the stile of Lorenzo Neal.

R. Heath Miller TE (26), Matt Spaeth TE (24), Sean McHugh TE (26), Jonathan Dekker TE (25), Dezmond Sherrod TE (23), Hines Ward WR (32), Santonio Holmes WR (24), Nate Washington WR (25), Limas Sweed WR (24), Dallas Baker WR (26), Martin Nance WR (25), Marvin Allen WR (25). I believe we are well set with Ward, Holmes, Washigton and Sweed, but a KR/PR specialist will be nice, so a 6th round here.

QB. Ben Roethlisberger QB (26), Byron Leftwich QB (29), Charlie Batch QB (34), Dennis Dixon QB (24). Let face it Byron will be a starte for the Bears or the Vikings so we have Batch and Dixon, I like it, Batch is an exelent backup and Dixon is in development next year we could use him as a WR in gadget plays. No draft need here.

and finally ST.

ST. Jeff Reed K (29), Daniel Sepulveda P (25), Mitch Berger P (36), Jared Retkofsky LS (25), Greg Warren LS (27). Good bye Mitch. also nothing to improve here.

Remember this is the complete roster, and some of those reserve/practice squad members could become good players.

So my final semi-mock draft (remember i have virtually no info on college prospects) is (fanfarre please):

Round 1. LT

Round 2. C

Round 3. FB

Round 4. RT

Round 5. RDE

Round 6. WR (KR/PR specialist)

Round 7. ILB

Can you fill this with names so we all can reserch the draft prospects? also please put your opinions in what i be wrong.

Regards to al in Steelers Nation.


P.S. Lets start the path to the 7th Lombardi as Coach Tomlin said "30 teams are 1 month ahead of us"




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