BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Tebow = Roethlisberger Edition?

IX- The SB Nation Site for the Florida Gators has a post with an interesting You Tube video from the Super Bowl and in the process compares Tim Tebow to Big Ben.  I don't know if I am in the minority but I don't see their styles of play as even remotely similar.   I guess it wouldn't hurt to post your thoughts on why or why not in their comments section (remember to be nice).

X- Two team reports from Sporting News and Yahoo that summarize what has been going on in Steeler Nation in the past few weeks.  One interesting nugget from Yahoo was a confirmation that the Steelers are definitely not interested in Tory Holt.

"They now will count on Limas Sweed, their second-round draft pick last year, to handle that job. They are not interested in former Ram Torry Holt because he does not have the speed they are looking for there."


XIII- In draft news, Louisville Center, Eric Wood, has a private workout scheduled with the Steelers, and is expected to be taken somewhere in the second round of the upcoming draft.  Although a lot of people felt SteelerBrazil was off the mark on his take of the Steelers taking the consensus best tight end in the draft, they might be looking to grab a Tight End early than many fans think. Jared Cook, a Tight End out of South Carolina worked out for the Steelers' Tight End coach recently and his workout numbers are very impressive.


XIV- It remains to be seen what impact the departure of Dan Rooney from the NFL will have on the long term stability and progress of the league. Throughout his career he has provided guidance to commissioners' and advisory boards and has been a progressive voice that has been able to create unity between owners and players.  Ron Cook of the Post Gazette has a very bleak view of the NFL without Rooney in his article.

XL- The chances of the Steelers moving up in the draft to target B.J. Raji are slim and none, but he is one of the most debated players coming out in this years draft due to his physical attributes and some of the character questions that are surrounding him.  The SB Nation site for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Big Cat Country, conducted an interview with Raji recently and pulled no punches in their questions.  After reading the interview and the analysis of the interviewer, I doubt that Raji will be doing a follow up piece, and doubt even more that the folks at Big Cat Country would want him


XLIII-   I can never get enough news about the Steelers being positive role models in the community or donating their time for a good cause.  This time a group of Steelers that included James Harrison participated in an event at Heinz field that supported the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


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