The Perfect Deal

Now, I know this topic won't be of much interest of too many people, seeing as it won't affect our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, but a topic that has been much debated throughout the sports world recently took hold of me:

The McJayGate, as it has been so cornily coined by the media.

As you all probably know, Jay Cutler is now officially on the trading block.

But why should he be?

A quarterback with his credentials is quite hard to find. To me, the Denver Broncos are making a huge mistake by letting go of the quarterback that led them to the No. 2 rated offense in the entire league.

So to compensate for that, and to also make sure that the other team that trades for Cutler also benefits, this is the trade that I think would be best played out:



Denver sends Jay Cutler, a 4th and 7th rounder for...

The No. 20, No. 65, and No. 174 (1st, 3rd, and 6th rounders) and Ernie Sims from the Detroit Lions.

By accomplishing this move, both franchises would automatically take themselves into a different echeloen of the NFL.

The Broncos would get an amazing OLB in Ernie Sims to complement DJ Williams and he would immediatley bring the defense up at least 10 spots in the rankings, especialyl with all the revamping the broncos have done with their defense. Also, with now the No.20 pick to go along with the No.12 pick, they can get possibly either Matthew Staffor or Mark Sanchez with their first pick, and then pick up a NT or DE with the No.20 pick. The 3rd and 6th rounders would help compensate for the 4th and 7th rounders they traded away for.

On the other side are the Detroit Lions. Here's a team that wen 0-16, and fired nearly every coach from their staff, and got a great defensive coordinator in Jim Schwarz to serve as their head coach. One of the first things they did with him as HC is trade for Julian Peterson. If they were to fulfill this trade, now they'd be free to pick up Aaron Curry (who I believe will do so much better than Ernie Sims when he comes into the NFL). They'd also for the first time in over 50 years have a PROVEN starter at the quarterback position to throw deep balls to Calvin Johnson. And with the 4th and 7th rounders, they'd have a little more flexiblitity at choosing who they want from the draft. The Lions would now immediately become contenders in a relatively easy division.

And there you have it. If something like this ever happens, you know who called it. :D

Now that I think of it, the Steelers will be playing both of these teams next year. So maybe it's better if the Lions and Broncos don't hear about this idealistic deal ;)


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