My Steelers 2009 Mock Draft.......

(1.32) Alex Mack, C, California (6-4, 307).   Named first team All Pac-10 in 2006 and 2007. 3 year starter. Hand and arm length: 33.0, 10.8in.

Was not able to participate in the drills at the NFL Combine, but really impressed the scouts in the positional drills at the Cal Pro Day while running 5.17/5.23 in the 40, with a 28.5" vertical, an 8'10" broad jump, a 4.75 short shuttle, a 7.31 3-cone drill and 20 bench reps.

(2.64) Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma (6-8, 332), Fenuki Tupou, OT, Oregon (6-6, 314), Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma (6-5, 329), Herman Johnson, OG, LSU (6-7, 356).  Whichever one of these guys are available.  Loadholt and Tupou are ideal RT prospects, moving Colon to G.

(3.96) Frantz Joseph, LB, Florida Atlantic (6-1, 242). Packs a lunch and gives a full effort every game and every play. Can make tackle after tackle and still come back for more. Fills gaps well and is good in coverage. Has the ability to play inside or outside.

(4.132) Sammie Lee Hill, DL, Stillman (6-4, 329).  Stillman College is not exactly U.S.C. when it comes to NFL-caliber talent, but this kid deserves a look. He is more agile and quick than many guys his size, and is a man among boys at his level. Sheds pretty well. Understands his responsibilities. Puts some decent pressure on the QB at this level, and finishes the deal pretty well. Nice height.

(5.168) Joel Bell, OT, Furman (6-7, 315)All-Southern Conference selection and was the recipient of this year’s Jacobs Blocking Award as the league’s top blocker. He made multiple All-American teams on his way to being the third Furman player in four years invited to the combine.

(5.169) Gregory Toler, CB, St Pauls (5-11, 191).  All-Conference honors in 2008 by leading the conference with 6 pass interceptions. Ranked third in the nation with 19 passes defended, Toler has achieved three consecutive years on the Conference Team.

(6.205) Frank "The Tank" Summers, FB, UNLV (5-9, 241).  Big load of a RB. Has soft hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Can move a pile. 

(7.226) Nick Reed, DE, Oregon (6-2, 245). Outstanding motor and endurance. Good technician who has a tight spin move. Finds a way to get pressure be it a bullrush, spin, swim, or relentless effort. Doesn't wear down and still is coming strong late in the game. Plays better than he looks and tests athletically

(7.241) Brandon Walker, OG, Oklahoma (6-3, 306).  Astounded people at the Oklahoma Pro Day by vertical jumping 34.5".


My picks are based on the belief Pittsburgh will obtain Roscoe Parrish from Buffalo, making a WR/KR/PR not needed.  

I picked Mack in the 1st round because we have not had stability in our line recently.  Our lines have always been anchored by a great C (Webster, Dawson) and we need to get back to that.

In the 2nd round I went with one of the OT prospects or one of those massive Gs.  We have some contracts coming up on the OL in the next 2 years, we need to get quality now to groom to take over those spots.

In the 6th round I went with someone I have watched play.  I live in Florida and went to FAU.  Joseph is a beast, can cover TEs and is relentless!  It seemed he was in on every tackle.

In the 4th I'd take Sammie Lee Hill.  I do hope the Steeler's get him, as he is an intriguing propsect.  

In the 5th, I like Bell.  He has the things you can't teach, size and a mean streak!  Let him sit and learn.  IF he does develop and is coached up than maybe we won't have to tender our LOT again next year.

In the 6th round I would take Frank "The Tank" Summers.  We need a short yardage bruiser who can move piles.

In the 7th, I went with players from big schools that might have been overlooked.

Brandon Walker started opposite Duke Robinson on the OL at Oklahoma.  The most prolific offense in the NCAAF.

I ended up replacing Will Johnson with Nick Reed.  Apparently Johnson's stock has climbed since his pro-day and it now looks like he will go in the middle rounds.

I used to get the info on the players I posted here.





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