Courtesy of Steeler Mike.  I am moving it here so people dont have to rummage through our old Mock to find it.  Great write-up man.  This write up is the first thing I have read to really get me excited about this pick.  

The Selection: Evander "Ziggy" Hood DT Missouri

Chargers need defensive help. With the departure of Igor Olshansky via free agency they are in need of a quality DE. Yes, I know Tyson Jackson of LSU, is still available and most mock experts have them scooping him up. Not me. Big, strong, and extremely athletic Jackson can be a beast. However, he never really seemed to reach his potential at LSU. Writers who cover the LSU program admit, while he had some flashes of dominance, he could just as easily be labeled an underachiever. Too much risk at #16 for me. LT Michael Other, Ole Miss, could be a possibility but it just didn't feel right.

Rey Maualaga was actually my first choice. Would have been the perfect selection for SD on many levels. I was all set to draft him...Ooops...

Ziggy (you just gotta draft a guy named Ziggy!) can fill their biggest need for a DE in the 3-4. At 6'3" and 300 Lbs he has good size and bulk and is equally good in stopping the run and putting pressure on the QB. The term non-stop motor is often overused with draft prospects but with Ziggy it really applies. A natural athlete with great instincts and awareness. He displays great explosiveness with an initial burst and closing speed that allows him to continually make plays in the opponents backfield. Extremely tough, aggressive and enjoys the physical aspect of the game...won't ever back down. Three year starter in the Big 12 with tons of experience and production to match.

For me, it's all about a players intangibles. By all accounts, Ziggy is a good kid, hard worker, very coachable, and a team leader. Most importantly, he is passionate about the game and he showed that in 2006 when he broke his foot but returned to play the final 7 games with a screw inserted to hold the bones together.

Some will consider him a reach at 16. That's OK. To me, he is not a reach for SD as much as it is a "safe" pick. You know what your getting with Ziggy and he delivers. You win Championships with solid, passionate players like Ziggy. Give me "safe" picks like him all day long. With the out-of-control rookie salaries, teams who miss on round 1 picks really hurt themselves. This kid can step in and start from day one. He is going to be a high quality DE for a long time.

Sources: ESPN, NFL Network,, Imperial Valley News,

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