What can we expect…A wish list of sorts


     Wow, what a first day!!!  Say what you will but I loved it.  Ziggy was a great pick.  I have seen him compared to Aaron Smith, which is a great comparison.  With John Mitchell coaching up our D-Line, he will be good.  Reminds me of Ray Seals, a DE who can push 7-9 sacks a year.  Put him next to Deebo and think about the numbers.  And trading out of round to in order to potentially pick up three contributors at a cheaper price (we are hurting against the cap).  So here are some thoughts on day two in the 30 minutes prior to the start of day two action.

Three picks in round three here are some guys I see as possibilities:

3a.  Jarron Gilbert (DE), Antoine Caldwell (C/G) , Duke Robinson (G), Jason Watkins (T),  Chip Vaughan (S)

I hope they can get Caldwell, I love this guy and think he would be a great value.  Guard as a Rookie and take over as center (ala Dawson) when Hartwig leaves.  The strongest base in my opinion of the centers, he can do the job and after a year of NFL level weight training won’t be pushed around by big NT.  I believe he will be the best Center draft this year.

3b/3c.  All the above if available, Mike Thomas (WR), Mike Wallace (WR), Greg Isdaner (G),  Kraig Urbik (G), Mike Mickens (CB), Jasper Brinkley (ILB), Ladarius Webb (S),

3b.  I want Brinkley or Urbik.  Urbik reminds me of Faneca and has the ability to slide to tackle if necessary like Faneca did when we had all those injuries a couple years ago.  Tomlin kind of guy, position flexibility.

3c.  This is my wild card.  Ladarius Webb is actually my player for 3c.  I think the guy has the speed and ability to play some nickel, thus mitigating the need for a CB until later in the draft.  Also, is a huge returner so we wouldn’t have to say we gave up on Sweed who has huge potential.   We take care of two needs while also reloading for next year if we can’t resign Clark.  Webb in center field could be a 10 pick guy in my opinion.

5a/b.  Back to back picks so I will just say Sammie Lee Hill (DT) if available, AJ Shipley (C) if we don’t get Caldwell, Franz Joseph (ILB), Donald Washington (CB). 

I would love to see Sammie Lee Hill and Donald Washington (provided we got Brinkley and Caldwell).  Washington has huge potential and Tomlin can teach up DB’s like very few.  Sammie Hill provides another opportunity for Mitchell to prove why he is the best DL Coach in the league.  He and Ziggy would be a nasty duo in a couple of years.

6.  Xavier Fulton (T)  This guy has the second quickest 10 yrd dash (pulling requires initial quickness) of any line prospect but slipped for numerous reasons.  Played LT for Illini (in front of Mendy) after converting from DT.  One more transfer guy (I see him as a guard/emergency tackle) with the most potential of any guard in the draft (although he is listed as a tackle).  FYI last year I wanted the Steelers to pick Donald Brown out of UCONN in 5/6 when he would be available.  Miami picked him in the beginning of the sixth and he won the starting job until getting injured.  Just saying, I was raised by a line coach, DON’T COUNT FULTON OUT!!

7a/b.  Khalif Mitchell (DT), Quinn Johnson (FB), Zach Potter (DE), Andrew Gardner (OT)

Obviously anyone previously mentioned takes priority, but Mitchell is 6’5’’, 317 and could be Aaron Smith in the future (completely revamping out DL)  and Gardner gives us a practice squad Tackle to develop.  A full back would also be nice.  So in summary, my wish list

Round 3

Caldwell, Brinkley, Webb

Round 5

Sammie Lee Hill, Donald Washington

Round 6

Xavier Fulton

Round 7

Khalif Mitchell and Gardner or Johnson and try for Gardner as FA

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