Confidence Boost? Sweed As!

No doubt that most of the regular readers of Behind the Steel Curtain will know that I have been highly bold in my assessments and opinions of Steelers Wide Receiver Limas Sweed. I have been on record in numerous posts and stories locking in the Limas Sweed will be our #3 Wide Receiver on opening day.

Note that DrinkYourMilkshake once made an excellent point that the Receivers below Holmes and Ward will likely be interchanged to suit specific needs in the offense, such as Wallace being used to intentionally strecth the field on a streak route, and McDonald will likely see a lot of time on passing 3rd downs, where he has had success coming out of the slot.

But, there will be a line drawn. One receiever will receive notably more time on the field than the others. Unless Mike Wallace absolutely tears it up in training camp and pre-season, he is likely going to be behind both Sweed and Macdonald.


More after the flip.


I still have no problems with going on record saying I want Limas Sweed as my number 3 wide receiver, and even less of a problem saying that I strongly believe he will be the #3 Wide Receiver on opening day. Ask me to give you a reason...and I cant really give you anything. But every now and then there comes a player who I just get really excited about. These players have ranged from the likes of Marion Barber and William Gay (Not bad choices) but also less than stellar choices such as Charles Rogers and Anthony Smith.

Anyways to my point. is reporting that Hines Ward has been observing Limas Sweed closely and like what he has been seen. Limas has reportedly been gaining in confidence, his body language shows confidence, and he has been working hard at getting his timing of his routes on song with Ben Roethlisberger, and Limas is growing in stature, in his words:

 “I would be ready to step in without a doubt, especially getting a feel for it, knowing what to do and getting in with the first group, running routes, getting timing with Ben (Roethlisberger) during OTA’s,” said Sweed. “I feel I am capable. I feel like I can. Knowing what I know now and feeling as comfortable as I do, if one of the guys goes down I will be ready and more capable than last year.” [from]

I'm pleased to hear that Sweed is really working hard this off-season. I think watching the Steelers success from the sidelines is a big motivator for so many players, as watching the success makes every player hungry to get on the field and be a part of that success. Sure, every player on the squad plays an integral role in support and preparation for other plays, but on the field, in gametime, is where those efforts are seen by the widest of audiences.

Keep working hard Limas. Im pulling for ya.

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