BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- 2008 vs 1979 Edition?

IX- As many of you may or may not have heard Ben Roethlisberger injured his kneee in practice yesterday and has not been able to walk without a limp since the injury according to various media reports.  Many are reporting it is nothing serious, but of course nobody will know for sure with Mike Tomlin and Ben both declining to comment on the injury after practice.  Ben's biggest challenge right now isn't throwing a football or dodging defenders, it is trying to break 100 on the site of the 2009 U.S. Open next week.  Roethlisberger, who says he has a 3 handicap, and other celebrities including Michael Jordan will be competing in the Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge.

UPDATE:-  Ben seemed OK today in Practice this morning and participated with the first team, according to the Post Gazette.

X- Wow is this site ever a really cool.  I initially caught wind of it through Bust a Bucket, a Portland Trail-Blazers blog.   The blog did a fantasy draft of every player that passed through their franchise and then matched them up in some fantasy games through a site called "What-If Sports".   I didn't have time to use the site in quite the manner that the Bust a Bucket crew did, but I did have a chance to match-up the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers against 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers with the 79' Steelers getting Home Field advantage at the now defunct Three Rivers Stadium.  Well Guess what old timers?  The yet to be named 2008 Steelers defense held strong and only allowed 10 points, while Ben and boys rammed 27 points on Jack Lambert and company.  That's right 2008 Steelers 27, 1979 Steelers 10.  Make sure to check out "What-if Sports" as I am sure we could come up with some other really cool match ups.


XIII-How cute; T-rex A.Q. Shipley and Kraig Urbik study the playbook together every night before they go to bed.  After reading that article all I could picture was the two of them cuddled up together reading plays and thankfully Cotter at One for the Other Thumb is a photo shop genius and concocted the most hilarious photoshop on earth.

XIV-Also from One for the Other Thumb is a quality reflection on the career of Rodney Harrison formerly of the Patriots and Chargers.  Not only is Harrison a jerk, a steroid abuser, and dirty player, but he also stole the job of future Hall of Famer and Steeler Legend Jerome Bettis.  Maybe Jerome will run over Harrison with this bus and get his job back.


XL- Lawrence Timmons seems to be making an impression on everyone going into his first year as a starter.  Scout's Inc., Matt Williamson, is confident that Timmons will be a play-maker this season especially with his pass rushing skills.  He was quoted as saying:

"Timmons could be special. LeBeau is going to have a lot of things at his disposal to do with Timmons whether it's blitzing or in coverage. He can open his hips and run down the deep middle if they want to play a Tampa 2 system, which is where Mike Tomlin comes from, and I think he can stay with any tight end in the AFC North division for sure. So LeBeau is going to have a new toy."

XLIII-Last but not least, I have to mention the Penguins in the Six-Pack as it appears to be a good luck charm.  So remember to stop by our friends at Pensburgh and check out their live chat for game four tonight where the Penguins look to tie up the best of seven series.

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