BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Tony Hills Edition

IX- Tony Hills is ready to compete this year after struggling to make an impact in his rookie season.  He says he has added between five and ten pounds of muscle and is eager to learn how to play four positions on the line to become as valuable as Trai Essex.  Make sure to check out the quote about Bruce Davis and Tony Hills from Mike Tomlin, it's another great one that could be entered in next years version of the Tomlinism tournament.

X-The Steelers will be going bowling this afternoon instead of participating in some of the last sessions of this O.T.A.  This evening they will also be presented with their 2008 Super Bowl Championship rings, you can check out the rings before and get a description of all the elements before anyone else over at the Steelers Official Website.  On a somewhat un-related not, did you know that Jerome Bettis is one hell of a bowler?  He has an average over 200 and has posted a perfect game in his past, so perhaps with his recent unemployment he can go on tour with the P.B.A.


XIII- Debra Miller and her three grandsons will have a Champions House built by Habitat for Humanity.  But on Monday afternoon a group of Steeler players attempted to help out.  From some of the quotes from the WTAE report, I'm not sure her house will be standing long enough for her to pay off the 30 year mortgage.  Here's a few of my favorites from their report:

"We got Deshea Townsend in there using a nail gun like he's in a western or something,"

"Somebody needs to get Willie P [Parker]. He's just painting too fast. He wants to do everything fast. He's not on the football field -- somebody needs to tell him,"

XIV- Mondessi's House has two good posts, one about Steelers fan and rock-star Brett Michael's near decapitation at the Tony Awards on Sunday, and they other is about the Hines Wards' all star softball event.  They event raised over $7000 dollars for the fallen heroes foundation.  Besides Rush Limbaugh, and Brett Michael's can anyone else think of famous celebrities that also happen to be Steeler fans?

XL- It's now or never for the Pittsburgh Penguins who are playing elimination game tonight in Pittsburgh.  For some motivation to root for them during this make or break game check out D.C. Steeler nation's thoughts.  Also check out Pensburgh for the live blog tonight at 8pm.

Former Steelers Coach Bill Cowher along with current Raven's head coach John Harbaugh will be visiting troops for several days in the inaugural NFL-USO Coaches Tour.  The event which will send the two coaches along with Tom Coughlin, John Gruden, and Jeff Fisher in a tour around the Persian Gulf Region to meet and greet with soldiers to boost moral.

Overtime-:  Thanks to the BTSC Twitter Feed for pointing this one out. Quite possibly the best headline in the history of time;  " Tom Brady Fell Out of a Boat."  Perhaps he was too busy jamming along to the video below to stay in the boat.  Sing it T-Pain!

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