LIst of Steelers' Top Ten Most Valuable Players


This time of offseason is very boring around the NFL.  It seems like I'm watching America's Most Wanted, rather than a sporting event.  I usually check ProFootballTalk regularly, but all I hear is Chad Johnson Twittering on the sidelines of the games, who has court, who went to jail, or what fines are given out.  Here is a little something to talk about for a while hopefully.  Maybe it'll get the sour taste out of our mouths about all this pointless talk. 

10.) Lamar Woodley-  Woodley has came out into his own over the last season.  He should have more sacks and plays next season due to double teams of Harrison.  He is quickly becoming a star on defense. 

9.)  Ike Taylor- He covers the best WR in the league.  He doesn't have the best hands, but he is an elite corner, and definitely underrated at his position.  He is one of our quickest guys and he knows our playbook well.

8.) Heath Miller- The complete TE.  Expect him to have a monster year due to the awaiting contract.  He is a true Steeler.

7.) Aaron Smith- Again, the most underrated defensive lineman in the league.  Sure he doesn't get all the sacks, but our defensive scheme allows him to make way for our awesome LB corps; he does just what we need him to do.  A huge asset to our defense and DL.

6.) Willie Parker- I'm sure I'll get negative feedback on this one, but hear me out.  Willie made the longest SB run in history, he has 3 1000+ yard seasons (1300 before he got the leg broker, imagine what he could have had), and he is an incredible leader.  He has tremedous heart, drive, and talent.  He is not about himself, as many players are.  He has worked hard this offseason already to secure his spot; with a better synchronized OL, expect to see the old FWP.

5.) Santonio Holmes-  You hear alot that this season is Santonio's breakout year, and it very well may be.  He had huge, huge plays in the SB, resulting in his SB MVP trophy.  He is a solid reciever, and gives a great complement and eventual replacement for Hines.

4.) Hines Ward- How could anyone hate Hines Ward; beside the sissy linebackers and players that get that ass knocked out by a reciever half their size.  Hines is a leader on and off the field, a loyal player to the franchise, and a playmaker despite his age.  What a great player, HOF bound.

3.) James Harrison- Harrison has had a hell of a road to become one of the best linebackers in the league.  He made huge plays in the SB, especially the longest INT return/play in SB history.  He is a force of defense.  He doesn't make num. 1 or 2, strictly because he hasn't had the success through the seasons like other Steelers have had.

2.) Ben Roethlisberger- Ok, Deebo didn't make num. 2.  This is because Roethlisberger is a motivator, playmaker, and leader on this team.  He is an offensive force, even though he has made mistakes on the field.  The comebacks and 2 SB rings are enough to show that he is an elite QB.

1.) Troy Polamalu- He is overall the best safety in the league.  He has become one of the anchors of the best defense in years and is an intense competitor.  The guy does wonders on and off the field.  Picture our defense without this talent!

Honorable Mentions- Ryan Clark, Big Snack, DeShea Townsend, Keisel, Kemo, Mewelde, William Gay


I wanna hear everyone's top 10!

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