Are black athletes genetically superior?

Thought I'd open this open for some thoughtful discussion.  Not trying to be controversial but thought this could stimulate some open responses from everyone.

Two recent events stimulated this post. 

     I live in Georgia (raised in Mass.) and since I coudn't attend Steelers camp thought I go with my 9 year old son to Falcons camp just because it's close to us.  So, were watching the DB/WR drills and my son says, "dad, why are all the players African American."  (he failed to see the token white guy WR Brian Finneran).  Classic question from a kid, all the dads can appreciate that.  I just kind of laughed and obviously didn't have a real good answer.  I guess I could have said, "look, son over there is where the OL are practicing, and that's where the big, fat, slow white guys are."  I didn't  think that clarify the question for my son.

   A couple days later I'm on the internet reading about the surprise WR in the Cardinals camp.  Whiz was talking about the guy and how he's been quite impressive.  So I clicked on the linked and was shocked to see the WR is white.  I know there are some productive white WRs (Wes Welker...well I'm sure there are others I just can't think of them at the moment...and I'm not talking about TE's...just WR's).  As I said I was very surprised he was white.  Then I started thinking...can one be discriminatory towards his own race (I'm white :)...because I really expected or should I say assumed he would was black.

   From my own personal experience I'd like to add I had a full football scholarship as a RB to a 1-AA school back in the late 80's.   Our big games were Boston College and Army.  We were actually beating BC my freshman year at the end of the first quarter, then they crushed us.  I would guess we were evenly split 50% white, 50% black.  But, what I do remember vividly is how some of the black guys were genetic freaks.  This one black RB we had was 5'8", 205 lbs and just ripped, I mean ripped.  He was strong as hell...he could bench close to 400lbs naturally.  And I say naturally because we has some white guys who could do that but some of them were on roids.  I was 5'10" 180 lbs and I could bench about 335lbs, but I really had to work at it.  I was also pretty quick (4.55 40) but I wasn't real smooth or fluid.  Basically out of the 10 fastest guys on the team, there was me and 1 other white guy and the rest were black.  It was obvious that the black guys just had more natural strength, had amazing natural physiques, and more speed.  Again, I need to emphasize I am generalizing.  Of course there were white guys who possessed these attributes, and there were some black OL that were "big, uglies".  But overall my impression, and others as well, were that black athletes had certain genetic gifts.  It didn't necessarily mean they were better football players, just that they had genetics on their side.


  Which is why when Jimmy "The Greek" got fired (in the 1980's ?)for his comments (I'm paraphrasing)... that blacks were more genetically gifted in athletics than whites, I thought it was ridiculous.    I don't see why that is so politically incorrect.  I mean the league is 70% black!  (that's a guess from a stat I heard before...does anyone know for sure?) Is it bad to say another race is athletically superior?  It certainly coincided with my experience.

  Some other black/white comments for debate: 

  1. Are there any white CBs in the league ?  I sure haven't seen any!  Yes there are some safeties, but any CBs?

  2. Can anyone name the last starting white CB?  And if your thinking Jason Seahorn from the Giants, I already got him.  He flamed out year he was the 'great white hope" at CB, next year they moved him to safety, and soon after, gone.

  3. Any starting white RBs?  No, not fullbacks.  I mean pure tailback.  Craig James is the last pure white TB I remember.  I'm sure I'm missing some.  Guys like Merrill Hoge are pseudo FBs

  4. I have to bring up the black QB issue.  While the blacks clearly dominated the WR, DB, RB positions why aren't there many (yes I know McNabb) really good, proven black QB's?  Do black QBs rely too much on their genetic potential as athletes and thus, don't fully develop their abiltiy to read defenses and pass the ball.    If it's fair to say that white WR/CB/RBs don't compare genetically to their black counterparts (which is why there are so few white guys in these postions), is it fair to say that black QBs don't possess the skills of reading defenses and making split second decisions as do white QBs?  I don't know, just asking for other opinions.

  5.  What positions to white guys seem to excel at?  Of course QB...if someone wants to go through and figure out how many projected starting QBs are white v. black that might be guess after QB, the postion most occupied by white guys would be center....I really wonder what the ratio of white v. black is for the "QB of the OL"... TE?  I would guess more starting TEs are white.  Guard?  might be 50/50.


  Again, I know these are sweeping generalizations.  There are exceptions to everything.  Warren Moon, for instance, was a great QB who threw an amazing ball.  Simply a great QB.  But, why so few great black QBs?  For a sport that is roughly 70% black (anyone have an exact stat yet?) it's startling there are not more all time great black QBs?  Why? 

 Will we ever see a white guy lead the league in rushing????  Isn't that an amazing question...I'm laughing as I type that.  Why not? 

 Will we ever see 2 starting white CBs on the same team?  Why not?    (Hell I'd like to see 1!)

 I'd like to see a positional breakdown according to race...that would be interesting.  If blacks are genetically superior does it only apply to DB/WR/RB and not QB/center/guard?


  If anyone cares to research some of the above questions it may make for more interesting debates.


 Obviously, and this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway for a point of clarity, it's not about black or's about the Black & Gold.  Just wanted to get get some good feedback, opinons, and stimulate some thoughtful discussion.
















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