NFL Predictions

I went through every teams' schedule.  Every single game that will be played this upcoming season in the NFL.  I complied the Win-Loss record for every single team.  Or at least my opinion.  This is purely subjective.  My thought process while doing this is to take the teams from last year, and take into account possible improvement and possible decline in each team due to change in schedule and what they did over the offseason.  Now feel free to disagree because I even look at it and shake my head.  But the NFL season never goes as you expect it so this is purely for speculation and for fun.  I explained my thought process for each division, and for fun I did my playoff picks too. 


AFC EAST              W                             L

NE                          12                           4

Buffalo                 6                              10

NY  Jets                6                              10

Miami                   7                              9

I know what you may be thinking.  “There’s no way Tom Brady and the Pats lose four games”, Well I feel that Brady will be rusty I mean he has had over a year and a half off of football.  Guys get rusty if they rest their starters on Week 17 and have a bye week in the playoffs.  We’ve seen it so many times.  So if two weeks off that your opponents don’t get cause so much rust, then how can we expect that year and a half won’t have some affect on Tom Brady, I mean Jesus, he isn’t Jesus!!!  Plus I still don’t have faith in their secondary, if they can’t effectively rush the QB again this year then teams will be able to score on them.  Buffalo will be without their best offensive treat for four games this season, and the defense isn’t solid, and I don’t believe Edwards is a good enough QB for TO.  Jets obvious, defense is suspect, QB unknown.  Miami they fall back to the earth this year against a tougher schedule and people actually respecting them.


AFC NORTH        W                            L

Pitt                         15                           1

Ravens                 9                              7             

Bengals                8                              8

Browns                 3                              13

I felt confident about this when I went through the schedule.  But now looking back at it, I really don’t.  Yes 15-1 is possible for the Steelers but the Steelers that is imprinted in my mind, the bill Cowher Steelers, always have a couple of games where they play down to their competition.  The Mike Tomlin Steelers however, I feel, will not succumb to this flaw.  You can tell the way he carries himself that he won’t tolerate let downs.  Plus there are some trap games in the schedule that I am weary of.   The only reason why I didn’t change this is because I have faith in Tomlin.  Don’t believe the ravens will lose 7 games this season? My answer to that is at San Diego, at New England, at Minnesota, Pittsburgh twice,  Indy at home, and at Cincy (yea I know sounds crazy but I think if Carson stays healthy they’ll have a decent team and get them in cincy) and if not cincy then at green bay.    Bengals should be better with Lavereous Coles making up for the loss of TJ and Carson being back and an improved defense, if they can run the ball watch out they have potential to take the second spot.  The browns are the Browns.


AFC SOUTH         W                            L

Indy                       13                           3

Jags                        3                              13

Titans                    10                           6

Texans                  10                           6


As long as you have Peyton as your QB you will win games, that defense isn’t bad either.  The titans should slip a little bit but not too much; they still have a good running attack and a good D.  This is the year the Texans put it together, they have too much talent not to, plus they don’t have Sage turning the ball over 3 straight times to the colts, if Matt can stay healthy they’ll have a winning record.  Jags – offensive line questions, WR questions, Garrad is a “don’t make mistakes Qb”, with no weapons he’ll be forced into mistakes and the defenses will key in on bowling ball RB that is Jones-Drew.


AFC WEST            W                            L

OAK                       3                              13

SD                           11                           5

Denver                 2                              14

KC                           7                              9


This is still the worst division in the AFC.  SD will win because they are the only team with a Pro Bowl QB, RB and the defense should be back with the return of Merriman.  Oakland still need to see something from Russell to have any faith in them, Garcia will take the job from him mid season to win at least three games.  KC should be better, but anything is better than what they were last year, better QB, better WR, better D still 7-9 sucks for you.  Denver is just horrible when I look at their situation, the only reason why they won 8 games is because of their offense and strong armed QB, now you replace that strong armed QB with one that isn’t as strong then the dynamic offense goes away.   With no defense and no running game to speak of, unless Moreno is the truth, I don’t see Denver winning much at all with their no coach, and the new coach will have to earn some respect.




NFC EAST                             W                            L

Dallas                                    5                              11

Eagles                                   12                           4

Redskins                              9                              7             

NY Giants                            10                           6


Dallas takes a huge hit this year.  There isn’t anyone on that roster that can replace what TO did for them.  Roy E. Williams only ever had a 1,000 yard receiving year once in his career.  TO has nine of those.  The secret on Roy is to press him because he isn’t incredibly strong and not blazing fast either.   There is no other WR to take the heat off of him either so that means more focus on witten, Romo numbers go down and defenses can focus more on the running attack.  Eagles should win this division this year.  If the D stays up to stuff without their leader in Jim Johnson, may he rest in peace.  The offense will be dynamic.  That should go without explaining.  Redskins should do ok, I mean there still isn’t enough playmakers on that offense for me to like plus who comes in if Portis gets hurt again.  I like Cambell but he would have to have an All-Pro season for this team to win the division.  I think the giants take a hit because they have no one to replace Burress.  We saw how the offense limped into the playoffs without him.  But they have a good defense and a great running attack.  It should at least keep them in the playoff hunt.


NFC NORTH                        W                            L

Vikes                                     12                           4

Green Bay                           11                           5

Bears                                     8                              8

Lions                                      3                              13


Green Bay can’t win for losing but I wouldn’t be surprised if this team won the division.  They are set at offense; if their defense plays better they’ll win it.  But I don’t see that and they’ll probably go 10-6 or 9-7 as easily as they can go 11-5, I gave them the benefit of the doubt because of their weak schedule.  Vikes have every position set except QB and with the whole Brett Farve debacle I say their desperate.  They should win the division, good defense and a great running game.    Bears will take some time adjusting to Jay and the defense needs to play better, average season from them.  Lions don’t have much talent but should compete at least this year, Calvin Johnson is a stud, here’s an idea, throw the ball up and let him get it.


NFC SOUTH                        W                            L

Carolina                                9                              7

TB                                           4                              12

Saints                                    13                           3

ATL                                         10                           6


I know this sounds crazy, Saints 13-3?  Well I don’t know what I was smoking when I went through their schedule but I have them being that surprise team this year that comes from nowhere.  Plus there is the tradition in the AFC south for the last place team the previous year to end up first the following year.  They have the offense, the only question is did they do enough for the defense to be better.  They lost a lot of close games last year.  Carolina is an enigma, sometimes Del Home plays OK some time he plays like he shouldn’t be in the league, but their running game is good and the defense is good.  They’ll win some games but they don’t have the powder soft schedule to carry them in the playoffs like last year.  Tampa bay doesn’t have a QB; defense is old and has a new head coach that spells trouble.  I like Matt Ryan, I believe he is the next best thing in the NFL, if the running game can hold up; Matt can use his new weapon in Tony Gonzalas.  The defense needs to step up but they should be in the hunt for the playoffs again.


NFC WEST                           W                            L

CARDS                                  10                           6

SF                                           4                              12

Seahawks                            7                              9

Rams                                     8                              8

Cards are the class of this division.  Now they have gotten over the hump I don’t see anyone in this division taking it from them.  San Fran still doesn’t have a QB and will struggle again, the seahawks haven’t been good since their run to the super bowl a few years back, they need to start over there.  They can win home games, just when they go on the road they tend to fold.  The rams should have a decent season if RB Steven Jackson stays healthy and gets some blocking.  This is the worst division in football for a reason someone has to win those games.



AFC Wild Card

6 Titans at 3 New England

5 Texans at 4 San Diego


NFC Wild Card

6 NY Giants (Wins Tiebreaker) at 3 Arizona

5 Green Bay at 4 Vikes


AFC Divisional

4 San Diego at 1 Pittsburgh

3 New England at 2 Indy


NFC Divisional

6 NY Giants at 1 New Orleans

4 Vikes at 2 Philly


AFC Championship

3 New England at 1 Pittsburgh


NFC Championship

6 NY Giants at 2 Philly



Philly VS Pittsburgh


Super Bowl Champion

Pittsburgh Steelers


Yes I'm a homer.  But like I said its my opinion. Share your thoughts.


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