The first 5 roster moves were made, now guess the next 22...

Putting Stapleton on the IR may have answered one of the big questions as to which OL make the team, and cutting Nance early was classy since it gives him a chance to catch on somewhere else.  We all try to guess what the final 53-man will look like, and one way to try may just be to guess which 22 will get cut now(or put on IR or traded)

Here are the cuts that I think are obvious...

QB Reilly - hopes to land on a PS somewhere

RB Vincent - see above

WR B. Williams - going into camp his best chance was if he made it as a KR/PR, but he wasn't even used there

WR Grisham - might actually have a chance to come back on the PS

TE Sherrod - not particularly good at catching or blocking

DL McClendon - rookie FA didn't distinguish himself

ILB Schantz - didn't play in last game anddoesn't seem to have NFL strength/speed for ILB

ILB Korte - also didn't play in last game, but may have shot to come back on PS

K Czech - unless Reed can't kick opening day, Czech will wait for a call from another team

So, that's 9, now here are the next few that are maybe not as obvious...

WR Baker - was hoping to make it as 5th WR, now would need them to keep 6 which won't happen, so only chance is if someone were to get injured

OT Capizzi - 3rd team RT means he's probably odd man out, especially since he lacks versatility to play G, not sure if he's still PS eligible

C Shipley- even though he was a hopeful coming into camp to make team, he is 3rd team behind Legursky andreally didn't play G which would have helped his cause.  An ideal candidate for the PS unless he were to catch on with another team

DL Harris - needed to show more to prove worthy of a roster spot but really never got past 3rd team which means he is a good candidate for PS

DB Roy Lewis - played both CB and S andbest chance to make team would as backup S.  Unfortunately, he looks to be 3rd team behind Carter/Mundy...could be back on PS again if he's eligible

Now were up to 14 with 8 more to go it gets a little bit more difficult for various reasons...

RB Summers - Fan favorite draft pick, but unfortunately he could not stay healthy to show enough of what he can do.  Would be best if they can stash him on the PS, and maybe he gets a chance later in year if someone gets hurt

TE/FB McHugh - Ironically, his injury may also have hurt the Tank's chances too.  If McHugh was healthy he'd probably be the blocking FB which may have meant they could taken a chance on Summers.  Now, it looks like McHugh will either land on the IR or maybe be waived and possibly be brought back later unless someone else were to pick him up

DL Paxson- seems to manage to stick around because he's versatile and plays STs, but likely to have been caught in the numbers game this year...he could catch on somewhere else though

OLB Davis - disappointing last season, had high hopes coming into camp but basically is stuck at 3rd team OLB amongst a relatively weak crop of backups.  Not sure if they can hold a roster spot for him, however he still is PS eligible, so maybe they sneak him on there and give him another chance

That's 18 and were down to the final 4 toughest cuts...

OT Parquet - basically comes down to him and Hills for the backup OT job and neither really played like they wanted it.  Parquet does have the advantage of being able to play G if needed and has more experience, but he has no upside and is a marginal backup at best.  That doesn't mean Hills is necessarily a lock to make the final 53-man either...he has been brutal at times this preseason.  While not likely, it's not out of the realm of possibility that if a vet OT gets cut somewhere the Steelers could pick one up as insurance if Starks or Colon were to go down.

OLB A. Harrison - other than having the same last name as the Def. MVP, that's about where the comparison ends.  Since it really isn't a strong crop of backup OLBs, Arnold had a real shot to make it and was even playing with 2d team (also saw him briefly at ILB last game).  However, I probably comes down to him vs. Bailey for last LB spot and the R.O.Y. is also a ST ace which gives him the nod, although it will be close

CB Madison - many think that since he's an ace on ST, he'll get the spot, but he really isn't much of a factor at CB andit's probably him vs. Burnett for last spot (unless they were to only keep 3 Safety's which seems unlikely).  Burnett was teetering with shaky CB play and fumbles as PR, but he really stepped up the intensity last game...the blocked FG showed his athleticism and he's more verstile and has much more upside than Madison.

RB Redman - the final cut in my book, would be nice to keep him but just don't see a logical way to do so unless they were to keep only 6 DL or 9 DB...but 6 DL is highly unlikely, and 9 DB unlikely also since most of them are ST guys one way or another.  That hurts Redman since he doesn't play STs.  If he did, you may have a strong case to keep him on the 53-man.  While I agree that I'd like to see him instead of Carey Davis, Redman isn't a FB either, so someone has to be the blocking back.  Again, maybe the McHugh injury hurt his chances too.  I think they'll try to bring back Redman on the PS and maybe he'll get the call later in the year if someone goes down.

So, there you have it!  By process of elimination the 53-man roster is thus determined.

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