Blitz the League: Week One

A random selection of thoughts by myself throughout Week One's action on the gridiron

Thoughts of the Kickoff week:

  • All offseason I thought it was taking football season forever to get here. Yet the Superbowl still seems like yesterday to me
  • Justin Gage was not very nice to our fans after he scored his touchdown
  • My fantasy football teams suck. 1 win out of 3 games. Didnt help one of them, my opponent had Drew Brees. FML.
  • A hole in the OL is worth a smack in the mouth.
  • Santonio Holmes will get 1000 yards or i something insane which I am yet to think of. Book it.
  • Baltimore puts up 500 yards on KC and still nearly loses. I like our chances of winning if we hold them to less than 300
  • Chiefs regretting the trade for Matt Cassel? Brodie Croyle sure gave them something to think about with a solid performance against a vaunted Baltimore D.
  • Panthers crowd starts chanting "DELHOMME! DELHOMME!" Wait....sorry....its "GO HOME" after his Week 1 performance 
  • Two of the best running attacks Panthers/Falcons failed miserably. At least its not just us.
  • Bengals Broncos game has 6 points scored in first 59 minutes, with 13 being scored in the last minute. Go figure
  • Bengals are playoff bound! If their cornerbacks stop tipping the ball to speedy receivers. That and if they stop sucking.
  • LOL of the week. Brady Quinn fumbling in the throwing motion with no one around him.
  • I will trade my left one for Adrian Peterson. Might throw in the whole package if we got his OLine too.
  • Tennessee I greatly underestimated. They looked much better than each Houston, Jacksonville and Indianapolis team.
  • Drew Brees throws 6 tds. I couldnt help thinking of what Blitzburgh did when he heard.
  • Matt Stafford is going to get murdered when he play him. I cant wait.
  • Furthermore, if the Saints can get a buck forty out of Mike Bell, I need the Detroit game to come fast so my OL self esteem can get a much needed boost.
  • Byron Leftwich looked good in a loss. I wish him well.
  • Big Ben was leader of the passing yardage category after Sunday WOOT!!! Steeler Air ready for take off
  • Arizone to be the next Superbowl loser to miss out on the playoffs. They looked very mediocre against a solid [mediocre] 49ers team that couldnt run the ball.
  • Antwaan Randle El. 7 catches, 98 yards. Another former Steeler playing brilliantly.
  • St Louis lays an egg, getting shut out on opening day. If Steven Jackson gets 20 more yards I win one of my fantasy games. Cut the dreads boy, I think they are weighing you down.
  • Matt Hasselbecks head lights up the stadium more so than the sun.
  • Urlacher out for season. Jay Cutler throws a bunch of terrible passes at times to no one. I like our chances at Soldier Field.
  • Dom Capers has still got it. The 3-4 looked really good for the Packers
  • Best series of Primetime Games in a long time in my opinion. The scores from the four primetime games were as follows. 13-10, 21-15, 25-24, 24-20. Average margin of victory = 3.5 points. Brilliant. All of which decided in either overtime or in last 2 minutes. Great viewing.
  • Tom Brady looked skittish, rusty and inaccurate for 3 quarters. 16-0? Instant Superbowl Contenders? I think not.
  • DAMN YOU BRADY! He passed Ben for leader in Passing Yardage.
  • Tom Brady, stop being a dick and talk to Suzy Colbert
  • Any given this case Monday. Two big time Underdogs very nearly knocked off perenial "Superbowl Contenders" in the double header.
  • Richard Seymour. Joins team 2 days ago. Gets 2 sacks. Absolutely mauled the Chargers OL.
  • Phillip Rivers is still a trash talker and has no class. Loser. Dropped your mouthpiece my ass

    My Favourite Numbers of the week.

    - Our next 3 opponents gave up a combined 8 sacks against less prestigious defenses. I like.

    - They also commited 8 turnovers. I like again.

    - Our offense is top 10 and we played a good D. Time to think about passing more often?

    - Bengals and Browns are 0-1.

    - Our remaining opponents went 5-7


    Things that ruin my day:

    Parents who ring me during the 2 minute warning of the very exciting Packers-Bears game. GTFO.

    Girlfriend who wants to text me all through the Steelers game. GTFO.

    Spending 3.75 quarters thinking about all the moaning and whining Pats fans would do....just to see them turn round and win.


    ....that is all

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