NFL injuries

I know, I know....I'm tired of the "madden curse" talk too, but every-time I hear it I wonder about the numbers. 


An injured player in football isn't like finding a needle in a haystack, it's more like finding hay in a haystack.  I'll guarantee there has never been an NFL player who went his whole career without an injury, and in the best case scenario any players that get off the bench leaves the field at least bruised, so I see the madden curse as pure bologna.  It's kind of like fortune cookies, horoscopes,  and psychics, something general, that was bound to happen anyway, but now you definitely notice because your looking for it.


Anyway the numbers.  There are 32 NFL teams (yes the browns, bungals and lions still count haha), and they all have 53 man rosters so 32 X 53 = 1696.


According to yahoo sports they list 96 people as being on IR already, which is 5.6 percent.  Now I don't believe in extrapolation, but if you do (5 games out of 20 played) then 22.4 percent of NFL players end the year on IR


On the other hand a lot of you may make the counter point some were just IR'ed to keep them and the roster spot, and this may be true, but that's not what were talking about, they were injured to be put on IR, and that's the point


Anyhow, 5.6 percent injured already with IR, those numbers were easy, now the harder part....the less injured. Teams would tell nothing if they could, and this number has been really hard to put together, but after scouring each teams blog, and espn and yahoo etc etc My number (very tentative mind you) of players listed as day to day, on up to confirmed out for weeks (because even if Troy barely tweaked something and it slowed him down people would be talking curse so I put day to day in there) is another 159 players, or another 9.3 percent. 


So together that's 14.9 percent ALREADY, if that number stays constant throughout the year then 89.6 percent of NFL players will need to be put on the injury report, and if you asked mt to put my money on a 90 percent probability of something happening, I'd come close to betting the farm on it.


Even only 5 (4 preseason and one regular season) games down, you'd have a fifteen percent chance of guessing one NFL player and him getting injured, and the cover had two players, so that doubled the odds right there...30 percent and were only 25% into the year.  You try doing something as dangerous (albeit fun) as football for 7 months and don't get injured....WON'T happen.



One thing I couldn't find, but would love if someone could many players finished last year on IR, and how many missed  2-3 weeks or more.



The madden curse isn't a curse.....its a probability



Now since I mentioned it here's your horoscope for today   "the stars predict that today you'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep" (Wierd Al Yankovic lyric "your horoscope for today")



Thanks guys, have fun doing toady's bunch of stuff

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