Browns Vs. Bengals and Yada-Yada-Yada

We as Steelers fans often ponder if the Ravens are goiong to give us more competition this year (As do the Ravens), but I think just as interesting in the realm of the AFC North is the question: Which team is worse, the Bengals or the Browns? I have to say, despite all the press to the conntrary this off season, the Browns look to be the better team. I think that is due solely to having the other Ryan as their defensive coordinator. Man, we just can't get rid of that family.

Drinkyourmilkshake turned me on to reading James Walker, who writes about all things AFC North, over at ESPN. Now, as of late, I'm not much of an ESPN fan, but this guy never stops. He writes several pieces a day, and if there is a slow day, he will make something up. Yesterday, he compaired AFC North stadiums. In a shocker, Pittsburgh won.

As I cruise the net every day looking for anything Steeler related, I'm struck how good guys like the guys here and James Walker are, and how bad some of the beat writers are. Ed Bouchette, to me, comes of like he thinks he is a part of the Steelers organization. Kind of like the public is trying to get information out of him and the Steelers. While James Walker and the guys here feel like it is the public and them trying to get information out of the Steelers. No Wonder the newspapers are failing. No wonder I don't feel bad about that.

How blessed are the Steelers to have Hines Ward? Just look to the west where Michael Crabtree (Here-to-for called Crabass, from the combination of Crabtree and jackass) is thinking about sitting out the season because he wants to be the highest paid wide reciever drafted this year. Wow! I often wonder how the Steelers would handle a guy like that, who makes Plaxico look like he has no ego. I think the Chief would come back from the grave and punch him. I hear he was inclined to punch those who needed it. Maryrose, what say you?

Lately, I have really come to embrace the expression "Jackass". It is such a descriptive word for people who are not necessarily trying to be idiots, but seem to always get there. What a comfort that my liberal use of the word was given legitimacy by the President Of The United States. And, he wasn't lying.

Did anyone see Miami (#20) beat the hell out of Georgia Tech (#14) last night. Looks lik the Hurricanes are back. I wouldn't mind them being back as long as they act more mature than in years past. But what are the chances when the Miami foottball alumni all act immature. The "U"? Peee-uw! Over the years I have really enjoyed their fall from prominance. But I have to say, when they lose now, it is not as fun as when they lose a national championship with a "More talented team". Go Penn State!

Speaking of Penn State, what is the word on Shippley? I know he was assigned to the practice squad, but does anyone know what the team thinks about his future? I sure would like him to succeed. Not just because he went to the greatest university in the western hemisphere, but the Steelers sure could use a success story on the offensive line. It looks like Foster is falling into that category. It would be nice to have two.

You know, another good question for the readers of this site when there is a need for a good, heated, pointless discussion is: Pitt or Penn Sate. I have cought hints and whiffs of these leanings from time to time, but no one has put them into words. Anyone?

Today, I would like to single out Blitzburgh for some praise. Can you, any of you, imagine living on the west coast, a place that gets only slightly more sun than State College, Seattle (That was proven by the way), having to listen to nonsesant talk about the Seahawks and still pulling all that great Steelers content out of your - er - well you know, all the time. Sure he whines about having to work every now and then, but I wonder if he is fully appriciated by all of us. I know, most of you say "Great job", "Nice job Blitz", etc...etc...But has anyone sent him an invitation to marry their sister, use their family's chalet in Aspen, named a child after him? I say it's time for someone to step up.

Okay folks, as always, I can't do this anymore if I'm not getting paid. time to go home.

Go Steelers.

P.S. Blitz, you do live in Seattle don't you?

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