Pansy League Digest Vol 1 Week 3 2009


I thought I would share some thoughts on recent articles I've read on the PPG and elsewhere regarding the fines that Steelers players and others receive from the NFL when they break the rules.  I have a bad feeling this may become a recurring topic for Steelers fans as the season progresses.  First off Hines Ward discusses the hit he provided to Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers.


Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward on the NFL's new blocking rules: "If I get another opportunity to hit somebody, I'm going to take it. 

No, I'll still hit him, I'll just get fined," Ward said. "It's either that or try to hurt somebody. So you either fine me or you want me to end someone's career. I'd rather take a fine than end someone's career, so I'm not going to change."

Now I've heard the cinci fans crying about this hit, and I've heard all the empty threats from ravens fans and players, and I've seen Hines' smiling face after he gets first down after first down en route to big Ws.  I totally agree that he shouldn't change his playing style, and his willingness to take fines shows his devotion to the team, but what about any flags that might be thrown?  That doesn't lead to positive yardage.  This is a tough question to answer.   Thanks NFL for taking joy from our lives.



Here's a link to some standard issue Cincinnati jaw flapping on the topic:


Next up Carson Palmer's opinion:

Palmer told the media in a conference call yesterday that it was "actually unfortunate for Hines to go through what he went through because he was just playing football."


Thanks Carson.  As of today I now have a very small shred of respect for you. But I still haven't forgotten the sour grapes you had after your beating in the playoffs in 2005.  Yeah yeah, cry me a river, Kitna performed just as well as you would have.  If you don't want you knee broke don't let people wipe their shoes with the Towel.

Next up is appalling news from the events in the windy city on Sunday:

Steelers safety Tyrone Carter said this morning he was fined $5,000 by NFL officials for his open-field hit Sunday on Chicago tight end Greg Olsen, a penalty he plans to appeal and a charge of leading with his helmet that he vigorously denies.

"Yeah, they banged me for the hit. $5,000. Unreal," said Carter, "He was a big-target receiver, he's like 6-6 or something like that. Here I am 5-9. How am I going to hit a guy 6-6 in the head? And I got hurt on the play. It's crazy. But that's what they said and that's what they fined me for, but I can't let that stop me how I play the game.


I know the Nation is not thrilled with Carter's quotes about how he should have taken himself out of the game before Little Jay Cutler banged in 6 right in his face.  That play may have cost the Steelers their vengeance for the whupping that the man-child laid on the Steelers @ Mile High in prime time in 2007.  But to hear that Tyrone is getting fined for a great play like that makes me sick.  The NFL is a physical sport!  That's why people watch it!  Defenses need to be able hit people to jar catches loose.  Sorry NFL if that makes for lower scoring games and less catches for the slack-jawed masses to enjoy.  Are you new here?  Big Hits are where it's at!

Don't worry Tyrone, I remember meeting you in the lobby of the Continental during SB week.  I still love you.



Next let's look over at the detestable Cowboys and the very questionable Flozell Adams.

Dallas Cowboys tackle Flozell Adams was fined for the second week in a row after tripping New York "Football" Giants Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora during Sunday's loss in Dallas. Adams was fined $12,500 for both incidents ... which led to Tuck's shoulder injury

Tuck and Adams have spouted a few words at each other sync. Tuck called the trip "bush league," to which Adams replied, "Tell him to stay up, it ain't my fault."

It ain't your fault?  Wow.  Ok, so if you hit a guy while on defense to knock a ball out you get a fine.  If you are an O lineman and trip someone, which is a totally blatant violation, and actually knock the player out of the game, that deserves the same punishment?  This is a mockery of justice in my opinion. Spare me with the difference in the fine amounts, the difference is quite immaterial to those in these players' salary range.  If anything Carter's was much worse because I presume he makes a fraction of what the Cowboy's tackle makes.  Fozell is a repeat offender who cheats to make plays and gets away with it.  And we have to hear people cry about Hines and Harrison when they make physical plays.

To sum up all this bitching, I just want to say this.  My favorite part of the NFL is the brutality.  To paraphrase James Harrison, I like to see people get hurt.  Not injured, but hurt.  The NFL is going down the wrong path with all of these fines and rules.  If they keep in this direction I see only wussier and wussier games.  Our own Zen master warrior said it best himself "[football] just loses so much of its essence when it becomes like a pansy game."


BTW, this article here

Is a great trip down memory lane to see the ridiculous fines the Steelers players had to pay for their 6th NFL title in 2008.  The refs actually had to come out to practice to explain what the hell was going on.

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