Double Hell

I am stuck in double hell. I live in Wyoming and do not have direct t.v. Except for prime time games this year, I am stuck with the Broncos. Not only were the last two Steelers games loses, but I didn't get to see them.

I've decided on transference for my anger over the Steelers' loses. One of my bosses is a lazy sack of s**t. His parents own the company. I'm just going to transfer my anger his direction and and still cherish the Steelers as always. I recomend some of you do the same.

I have to admit I haven't always been a good Steelers fan (Or football fan for that matter). It is only in the last few years, time when I have had significantly more free moments at work, that I have really gotten deeper into the Steelers' culture and football as a whole. I have come to the conclusion that the guys in the broadcast booth, for the most part, are worthless. For example, I used to enjoy reading Peter King quite a bit. Two weeks ago, after the Dolphins loss, he called out the Dolphins offense for a single play, pinpointing it as a turning point. He never mentioned a defense that gave up all those points in less than 15 minutes. Sigh, Peter King is an idiot. Don't get me started on that mentally challenged, pompus, jackass, Rodney Harrison. Admittedly, the Bus didn't bring much to the studio, but Rodney Harrison has all the charisma of sedated flounder. Watching him and Dungy is like sitting through a lecture on the benifits of staples over paperclips.

Since I was forced at gunpoint to watch the Broncos play all three of their games this year, I might as well comment on them since they are three and Oh...they still suck. I know, I know, they beat the mighty Bengals (cough-cough), powerhouse Browns, and dependable Raiders. News flash Josh, the Broncos still suck! The only bright spot is a procuct of Mike Nolan and his defensive coaching. Does anybody really believe Kyle Orton is good. He is like Jake Delhome, the broadcasters are all trying to talk each other into believing he is good.

Speaking of Jake Delhome, do you think he gets the shakes if he doesn't throw an interception for a certain period of time...Like 10 minutes?

The Cowboys have their first win in their new 1.15 BILLION dollar stadium. That's 1.15 BILLION per home win so far. What a bargain for a man who keeps trying to buy wins and championships. To recap Jerry, your team has beaten the Bucs (Who have re-embraced their roots), and the Panthers. Well done. Really. Good luck with the good teams, like the Giants.

If yinz have been paying attention, you will have read about or watched something on the Jets deactivating a reciever for his twitter comments. How exactly did that go down? Was Ryan twittering? Does he pay attention to thos things? I just have to imagine, in these uncertain and tight economic times, the Jets and probably all the teams have hired pimply faced nerds for the sole purpose fo seeing if their players idle nattering can hurt the NFL. 

The team you play for refuses to negotiate a high dollar contract for your services, even though you are one of the highest scorers on the team. Are you more suseptable to a bribe, to say, miss some field goals in tight games? Just sayin'. I'm just one of those sceptics who believes with all the people involved in the NFL, someone, somewhere, has to be throwing games. I mean, seriously, the refs can't be THAT bad, can they? And I mean in all the games. I see too many game altering calls that are questionable to say the least.

Quietly, without too much fanfare, I want to ask: Is it too early to start talking about firing Bruce Arians? Larrey Zerling (SP?)? My argument at this time will be limited to one name: Cam Cameron. Enough said. But, if you need me to say more, I will.

Okay, gotta go. If you have read to this point, thanks for sticking with my ramble.

Go Steelers!

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