Week 17 Scenerio Parlay Playoff Jackpot

Happy New Year To everyone here at BTSC.


Id Like to take a quick moment and Thank Blitzburgh, Maryrose, and Drinkyourmilkshake for Giving us a wonderful place to Talk Steeler Football. Ive really enjoyed  reading the many great posts, and getting to see the various colorful personalities over the course of the season   Beers for all of you, and again I wish everybody and their familys a Healthy and peaceful 2K10.

  Think they're saying "We're done" in Houston, Denver or Baltimore right now?

They’re not, because they aren’t accustomed to this kind of success (recently anyway). We like to whine because we’ve been spoiled by the Steelers’ recent success, but come on — if it’s Week 17 and your team is over .500 and still contending for a playoff spot, that’s a pretty successful season by any definition.

It’s really easy to support a team when they’re winning. And it’s all too easy to pack it in when things get a little tough. We all know that it’s our own fault that we didn’t beat KC, OAK, CLE, etc., but to say “that’s it, we’re done” in the face of adversity is… wait a latminute, I think there’s a word for that… oh yeah, QUITTING.BigRedSteelerFan


I Wanted to throw  that up top .It was burried in another thread just cuz I like to sound of it. I feel that way also.


Well its week 17 gang and I know some of you are still just as exited as I am about the potential of us gettin" up in tourney style. I also know some of you unfortunately are foaming at the bit to get eliminated so you can start spewing venom on the coaching staff and talk about how smart ya think ya are in your own minds and how you would "fix" the team, kinda like when people stay in bad relationships because they enjoy pain or some weird stuff, i dont know i aint in to all that.


So we gotta go fishin"in Miami and see if we cant snag a Big mouth bass, thats not a Joey Porter reference if it were id say Big mouth badass. Still Love Peezee Like I love The Jaw. ( remeber before the 2005 championship game "They shot me in Denver!" lol I loved that)

Then we need everbodys Fave the New England Patriots to Beat the Texans. This game worries me with the Big play ability of Andre Johnson playing at home.

If we can get our Bass and have the Awesome Patriots(grr) take care of Business then we got the Big one. Bengals @ Jets. I know alot of people are saying that the Bengals are gonna "lay down" well perhaps but I doubt that. I feel that if you play in the NFL you have a certain thing called EGO and pride, you mix that in with the national stage and I say ya gotta ballgame.

Black Hole Sun, Wontcha come...Purple Brownies @ Oakland. I dont know why I see this being a game but I do. The Raiders Play  Tough when you least expect it and Oh how sweet it would be to see THAT.


Pit (-3 ) @ Mia

Pats (+8.5) @ Hou

Cincy(+10.5) @Nyj

PB (+10)  @ Oak

Now Id like to talk about a Certain thing called THE MONEY LINE. To those who dont bet on football its basicaly you wipe out the pointspread and bet the game Straight up. Ya gotta Win w/o any points. If you look at the Steelers scenerio there is what I call potential. The reason I bring this up is because if you think our playoff scenerio may pan out  there is what I call JACKPOT potential

If For example You were to take Pit -3 with Pats and Bengals. 10.00 =441.50. How bout That?

You take the exact same bet and Throw in Oak 10.00 = 2,360.28. Yes with a comma.

You say the Colts can still beat the Bills with their backups? 10.00 =10,667.98

I dont know about ya"ll but Im gonna mix and match for what I think could be a Wonderful weekend of Football. Steelers get in with a Jackpot  is what Im talkin about! so if anybody plays or has a Sportsbook account with a lil extra to play with, Id say go getit. I see  Potential not only for a Playoff Birth but for a "put your $ where your mouth is "moment.

Again, I dont feel teams "throw " games. nor do I always feel that the Backups are scrubs that cant compete. Although many Mainstream ESPN watchers do  and Automaticly think the Colts will lose to the Bills. They may but I wouldnt be at all surprised to see the Colts win...or the Bengals, or Pats. and Black Hole sun would just be Sweet.


((The above fictional analysis is for entertainment purposes only. no bets should be made or money wagered without the express writen consent of SteelChamps thus giving him 10% in a legaly binding agreement to be paid to his account via paypal))

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