Queen City Quotes = Steel City Schadenfreude

After a year of such witty and insightful postings from bengals fans, I thought it would be only fitting to collect some of the best from cinci jungle yesterday and post them here for our enjoyment.  These guys rans their mouths over here all year long and now they can shut up.

Here's one of the best to start things off:

I feel guilty for taking a playoff spot away from a team that could win a game






Here come the BunGLeS

WTF??? it’s the playoff!!!! They Should start playing like it!

by DonMegga
Thanks for the false hope, guys. by Jaegner


Its scares me everytime Chad starts to run with the ball by Lookouts00


I'm a little drunk

And kind of mad at my husband for making me a Bengal’s fan. ANd DAMN YOU HBO!

by miniglik


Yank Carson and put in Kenny Anderson !

by WarWolf


Carson hates the boos….. he better get ready for them

by Sheffieldbengal


This sucks by cesarhernandez


This is terrible.

I’m really trying not to give up hope, but wow.

by Jaegner


how long has it been since Cincy won a playoff game?

by Bug Ben on Jan 9, 2010 6:42 PM EST reply actions   0 recs

Since 1991 by Adam Morgan

We lost the Cowboys' playoff losing streak yesterday, but this beaut is still intact.

I am about ten minutes away from going to cry in the corner

and have my wife look at me weird when i do so

My three favorite things in the world in no particular order: My wife, sex with my wife, and The Cincinnati Bengals

by Kabash


The only good team we beat was Green Bay. And that was before they found themselves. Division was terrible.

by Brian B

Hmm, cinci fans talking about which teams were horrible.


I am about to press the panic button

by Kabash on Jan 9, 2010 6:36 PM EST reply actions   0 recs

Guys we are Bengals fans...

You know that the panic button means nothing… but turning off the TV and not watching ESPN tomorrow.

by JoeLes


Nice. Let's get an Ocho TD. I wanna see this celebration he has.


by kentuckybronco

Nothing like blanking stinko so he doesn't get to dance.


is flipping retarded

by Sheffieldbengal


thanks for the season bengals...

but this game hurt me more than any 4-11-1 season could just because i saw carson palmer, the man i thought was the god of golden arms, put together a truly horrific performance. the thing that pained me the most were the same thoughts that PBF had, that carson just can’t get it done anymore.

by bcbengalfan

that was one of my favorites


Carson has that deer in the headlights look. by gwhiddon1

I was just reading his SI rehab article from 2006 where palmer says he hates the Steelers.  He has worked and waited this whole time for his chance last night.  And he blew it!!! I love it!  He's better than Big Ben though right? 

playoff records

God of Golden Arms - 0-2

Big Boy - 8-2

I may have hope if Shayne Shankopottamus didnt play here

Not to mention palmer blowing goat gnads

by Kabash

Kabash really seemed to be on point yesterday.


No challenges left

cuz Melvin burnt them on stupid plays

by Grif63

All used up before the 2nd Quarter started!  Great coaching!


Oh my god.

Shayne Graham.

He absolutely needs to be fired immediately.

by Jaegner on Jan 9, 2010 7:25 PM EST


The boos are really coming out now. by gwhiddon1

I LOVE hearing the bengal fans boo their team in a playoff game.  MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!

Technically, we still would have lost, even if he'd made both

But he still sucks

by Nunyabidness
I hope everyone in the stadium uses all their energy to BOO this team all they way out of the stadium by FSUBENGAL


Nice franchise tag

Knew you guys were not that good.

by Mr MaLoR

Malor was waiting all day for that one!


I really want to know why Palmer got outplayed by a rookie quarterback who had 20

inteceptions this season.

by Nunyabidness



by Mr MaLoR


Wow. I didn’t know Malor was like this everywhere. No surprise I guess.

by RelapsingDawgCatcher


BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! by Brian B


I dont expect another Nationaly Teleivised game for the Bengals for 3 years after this performance by FSUBENGAL

I was jealous of these idiots getting a big NBC game yesterday for like 2 seconds until I realized how often the Steelers are featured in nationally televised games.  And how often the Steelers win those games.



no one is chanting "fire Lewis"?

by Bonek on Jan 9, 2010 7:35 PM EST reply actions   0 recs

I'd like to keep out 2nd best coach ever, TYVM.

"If it wasn't this, it'd be something else."

by ZJiff30 on Jan 9, 2010 7:37 PM EST up reply actions   0 recs

Hooray! He's four games under .500 over his career

but because this franchise has been so inept, he’s the second best ever! So, even though he isn’t actually GOOD! We should settle for mediocre


by Nunyabidness on Jan 9, 2010 7:39 PM EST up reply actions   0 recs



I am going to open a fresh pack of razor blades now by Kabash


Seahawks fan here

Since my team was out I was really hoping you guys were going to finally win this year. I really feel for you guys, you deserve way better than this.

by wetwillytwo

Ah hate the Steelers too do we?  Tough.


bottom line they were an average team at best

which had a few games go their way when they didnt deserve them


Pretty much.

See you guys for they playoffs in 2015 by Jcon77

This loss had to devastate the golden boy.  I wonder if his window has finally closed?

Like I said earlier...

This team has to get a A LOT better during the offseason. The schedule next year is not kind.

by Adam Morgan on Jan 9, 2010 7:43 PM EST reply actions   0 recs

  I know

I almost cried when I saw it

by Danimal, Destroyer of Worlds

These guys will get crushed by a division winner's schedule next year.  Pats and Colts and Chargers?  Have fun with that.

Whodey they one and done

good luck next year Bungles.

by Kurbstomper1193


Well, that should do for now.  I'm too lazy to look all the quotes in BTSC by these losers but there's plenty of time in the offseason. 

To sum things up, In my opinion the bengals are a crappy team that doesn't know how to win.  They may take a game here and there, but they will never be dominant.  Their owner is horrible.  Watching mucho-stinko and palmer play terribly in their first full playoff game together really cements for me that the most this team can hope for is to beat the Steelers every now and then.  After that they can't achieve anything more.  I knew they'd collapse at some point this season, unfortunately it happened too late to help the Steelers.

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