2010 Steelers Mock Draft updated

I've done a few mocks so far, but I figured I'd give another update to a mock draft.  I don't think that the Steelers will trade up for anyone unless they drop to a reasonable position.  I think that the Steelers will stick to whoever drops unless there is an opportunity too good to pass up.  Here goes.

Round 1: Earl Thomas S Texas- If Thomas were to fall, he would fill a great need at Safety.  I would love to see us trade up for McClain or Berry if by miracle they drop to a reasonable spot, but I don't see it happen so we stick to a different route.  Another option if Hampton doesn't resign is Dan Williams out of Tenn.

Round 2: Brandon Spikes LB Florida- His coverage and his issue with eye-gougeing has been in question but if the guy falls even clos to us in the 2nd (which he probably will unless he has a moster combine and pro-day), the Steelers will snag him as an eventual replacement for Farrior.  This is one of our needed positions and he has the size, speed, and leadership for the position.  If safety is passed up in 1st- Morgan Burnett or Reshad Jones would be a good pickup.

Round 3: Sam Young OT Notre Dame-  Big sized, good motored player who was a high point on a decent offensive line.  He would play any position on the line that could be a great cornerstone for our line.  Colon probably wont be moved inside, but if he did, Young could be a great addition to a need not filled in a few years.  John Jerry OG could be another player to fill this need.

Round 4: Walter McFadden CB Auburn- I am really high on this guy.  I know we drafted 2 last year, but this guy is a great talent and could be a huge pickup.  I don't think we have anymore use for Gay and DeShea will probably retire which leaves us with Taylor and the rookies.  Madison has been strictly special teams and I think McFadden could fill a gap.  Another Route could be LB Micah Johnson from KY (Steelers have kept their eye on him)

Compensatory Round 4: Vince Oghobaase DT Duke-  I honestly think that Hampton will resign, that is the FO's biggest objective of the offseason.  We do, however we do need some more youth on the D line.  He is around 6'6" and 315 lbs.  Good size for a project of D line. 

Round 5: Charles Scott RB LSU-  He has good size and speed.  Carried LSU this season, but does have durablility issues.  I would like to have a decent complement to the up and coming Rashard Mendenhall.  I also like Ben Tate from Auburn, similar size and running style.

Compensatory Round 5:  Shay Hodge WR Ole Miss- Shay Hodge would be a steal at this position.  We have a great group of recievers, but I would like to see one more play maker to make this team complete.  Sweed is still unproven I know, but I think that if we can catch Hodge, then we should. Tyler Grisham played decent when I saw him play, but I think that we need a more explosive field player.  Great size and he was an all star at Ole Miss.  Could play return man as well.

Round 6: Colin Peek TE Bama- Spaeth has turned out to be a less than succesful TE in the NFL.  He might could excell in an offense who utilizes 2 pass catching TEs, but not in Pittsburgh.  Peek is the kind of Dual threat in blocking and pass catching that Miller is.  Instant boost in the offense.

Compensatory Round 6: Jon Conner FB Kentucky: Not the one from the Terminator.  We need a true fullback and this one seems like a good prospect.  I know it's never going to happen but let us dream.

Round 7:  Case Keenum QB Houston- Great college QB, but a real project for NFL.  Was more of a system QB and probably go undrafted, regardless of his accomplishments at Houston.  Batch will probably retire and become Ben's coach if I were to guess, so we might need a 3rd QB under Dixon.


This draft would be my idea of filling needs, it works on all areas of our team.  I would say drafting a LS and K but these guys you can find just fine in undrafted rookie FA.  Let me know what you think.

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