My Mock Draft

Pittsburgh Steelers

This Is my 2010 Mock Draft Predictions:

The STEELERS wil do something we usually don't do TRADE and sign a major free agent. All the other mack drafts look pretty good but this is how I see it all going down:

1st Round                                            Position                                               School                             

Taylor Mays                                          S                                                            USC                           


We will get this pick via sign & trade for Willie Parker especially when Mays had such a bad Senior Bowl teams are not quit sure of all the hype he has recieved but we will chalk that game up to a bad day. Parker has been banged up oover the past couple of years and not very productive. This year Mendenhall flashes of being the next Pro Bowl back coming from STEELER Nation look for the STEELERS to pick up a RB in the 3rd round of this years draft (more on that later) while Mewelde Moore will continue to do his thing when called upon. Also the STEELERS will be taking a hard look at Darren Sproles for a one two punch that most of the NFL is going to plus the added value he brings of returning kicks

1st Round

 Terrence Cody                                 DT                                                         Alabama


Mount Cody will be a beast on the prowl with the current cast members of the Steel Curtain especially with the signing of Casey Hampton they will be a great one two punch at NT which will allow the STEELERS to keep Chris Hoke as a solid back-up as needed.

2nd Round

Trevard Lindle                                CB                                                          Kentucky


This pick was a toss-up between Brandon Spikes and Lindle but Spikes may be gone especially when the Ravens have the pick before the STEELERS noway wil the Ravens allow him to fall into the STEELERS lap! Lindle is the ball hawk the STEELERS need in the secondary seeing how in 09 there was no INT's from our CB until the last game of the season G&T (Good & Terrible) Lindey will be excellent in run support as well while at Kentucky he was very good at making tackles. Small but tough perfect for the STEELER mold and a very big play maker.

3rd Round

Again the STEELERS make a trade in this round with our cross state rivals the Eagles. This is the round the STEELERS go Offence.

Demaryius Thomas               WR                                         GT

Thomas is a blocking playmaking WR a Hines Ward prototype and a Big Target for Big Ben. averaged 16.1 per reception he also had several rushes and a couple of pass completions, can you say SLASH!

Myron Lewis                                    CB                                                         Vanderbilt

Another STEELER in the making has a nose for the ball 10 career INT's 170 Tackles and in 09 had 10.5 tackles for a lost and 5 QB sacks and at 6'2 should be able to match up well with the Big Boys on Sunday. Another Possible Thad Turner (The Ohio State)

4th Round

Ricky Sapp                                       OLB                                                       Clemson

Sapp tore his ACL in 08 so he should fall into our lap for a steel as our second 4th pick. There are two concerns with Ricky 1. Can he recover from his injury and still have that speed off the edge. 2. Can he play in space. Other than that he has the physical talent to do so. Other possible picks if they are still around would be Harry Coleman (LSU)Sergio Kindle (Texas) & C.J. Wilson  (East Carolina) but I highly dought it!

5th Round

Vance Oghobase                            DT                                                        Duke

This young man has improved his play each year at Duke good at getting pressure on the QB a little inconsistant hopefully he has worked hard to recover from injusries suffered last year. But if there is a worthy safety left on the board This will be the pick we take one. Another possible her would be Ed Wang (Virginia Tech)

6th Round

Kavall Conner                                  OLB                                                     Clemson

A need special team player a hard hitting LB that hasn't missed games due to injury can be molded into a future starter

7th Round

Cory Jackson                                   FB                                                         MD

Another need special teamer with a very good up side. another possible would be Jammie Kirlew (Indiana)

possible other Unsigned picks in camp

Javarris James                             RB                                                        Miami

Aaron Weber                                 S                                                           Cinci

Chris Hawkins                             CB                                                         LSU

Thad Turner                                  CB                                                        The Ohio State

Jacques McClendon                   OG                                                        Tennessee

Drew Davis                                   OT                                                         Alabama

Levi Brown                                    QB                                                         Troy


Free Agent Signings

Tyvon Branch                               S                                                           Raiders

Daniel Bullocks                          S                                                            Lions

Richie Incognito                          OG                                                        Rams

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