Driveby Report: Final Edition

1.  The guaranteed playoff spot was guaranteed for the two that were in the driver’s seat.  That's what I meant last week.  I know most of you picked up on that one.

2.  Ike Taylor:  Where the heck has he been all season?  (Dude..I know I'm not hatin.)  He almost lost the game for us by knocking out Pat White and letting a better QB in the game, but he redeemed himself by making an INT?  Was that really Ike?  Really?  Was it him?  Did someone put on his uniform?

3. Timmons:  Once again, scary on the blitz.  He slipped on a play in coverage and I thought he got beat on another until I found out he was cleaning up for Farrior.  I still think he hasn't peaked yet. 

4. Arians:  Man, like I sais before I don't hate him.  Man he has some really good ideas, but he can really make some really dumb calls.  Like not running the ball late with a 10 point lead and the ball deep in your own territory needing to run some time off the clock.  Then running the ball when you are deep in your own territory up by 3 with plenty of time left.  It all worked out though.  Also, you are running the ball down Miami's throat (Rush-Hard 94 yds, Parker 91) and Townsend gets you an INT.  what do you do?  Razzle dazzle?  You let a receiver throw the ball?  Why not let Ben throw it into the end zone or something?

5. Willie Parker:  Keep him!  If he won't ask for too much keep him.  I like all 3 backs we have.  Don't try and tell me Willie can't run.

6. Farrior:  Age has definitely taken hold.  Once again maybe losing that extra weight he packed on to be heavier....  Maybe not.  It looked like after the first Bengal game, teams had plays designed to exploit him.

7. Gay:  See the last sentence above.  Maybe they'll hire Mike Leach so he can lock Gay in the closet. 

8. Steeler football:  I know some people hate that phrase, but didn't this look a bit more like the Steelers of the past?  I mean we were running the ball early often and successfully. 

9. Foster:  For you armchair QBs that doubt him, I say HA!  You my friend are an idiot.

10. Proof:  The intensity shown in this game hints that intensity was missing in all of their losses. 

11. Townsend:  He's better than Gay but....see Farrior.

12. Holding:  Is still only called on us and not for us.

13. Playoffs:  The only game in the playoffs that won't be a replay of a week 17 game is Baltimore vs. New England.

14. Laying down:  It's the Steelers fault they didn't make the playoffs, but I was just thinking....the Jets got in courtesy of Indy and Houston stayed ahead of us courtesy of New England...though they were #9 in seeding.

15. Pirates:  They start back up soon.  New logo (skull and cross-bats) and a new season.  Let's Go Bucs!

16. Logan:  He played well late, but I'm sure competition is coming next summer.

17. Wallace:  Love this guy! 

18. Sweed: I don't know what's going on with him but I still have his back. 

19. 4 coaches:  I see 4 coaches gone.  Care to guess who?  Not saying I totally agree with them, but I don't disagree either.

20. Draft: 1. Defensive backfield, 2. D-line, O-line or LB (actually defense the first 2 rounds unless someone that can't be passed on comes up) 3. OL, WR or defense again. After that the dynamics change as the draft goes on.

21. Woodley:  Still bringing the Wood.

22. This 22 shell is for you.

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