What I love about BTSC

A couple of months ago, I was online doing some research because I wanted to do a little tribute on my blog about my favorite Pittsburgh sports moments that didn't end in championships. While doing my research, I happened upon "The 12 Greatest Wins in Steelers history (non-Super Bowls)" written by Maryrose of Behind the Steel Curtain. I enjoyed reading it and started to check out the rest of the site. I was very impressed. I heard of BTSC before. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I've heard people from this site, Michael probably, interviewed on 1250 ESPN.

And as I started reading the content, I discovered the fanpost section. And after reading those, I realized just how good this site really was. I was amazed at the knowledge and insight that the readers brought.

And it was pretty refreshing to discover a site filled with people, who not only love the Steelers, but are pretty intelligent. A lot of blogs are filled with just stupid gibberish from people who make you wonder if they even know how to feed themselves.

I was on vacation that week, and my girlfriend was away for the day, so I decided to read one post after another. It was like a new drug. I hadn't wasted so much time on a site since the day I discovered many years ago.

That's when I decided to test the waters and post my own thread about Heath Miller. I didn't start out well as I kept referring to Mike Wallace as "Mike Wiliams." I did that over and over again and felt like an idiot. But it was okay because I loved the feedback that you guys gave me.

I've been writing on blogs/forums/message boards for years and the one thing that frustrates me is the lack of feedback. I maintain a blogspot blog (is that redundant) and the only follower I have is my girlfriend. I've been writing a blog on myspace for years and I get my share of readers, but I rarely have anyone comment on my posts.

And if you write something on a message board or forum, you might not get a response for months, sometimes years. Hell, I'll often find myself on some thread on some message board and I'll write a comment and then discover that the last person commented 2 years ago!

Not only the lack of feedback, but the lack of site maintenance on the internet is pretty common. I mentioned Jumptheshark earlier. Well, I would get so angry when I would write a comment and never see it posted on the site for weeks or sometimes, never. Damn it, I wanted people to know my opinions on Fonzie-mania and how I thought Happy Days was ruined because of it!

Anyway, back to the feedback on BTSC. I loved it and started posting more and more stuff in the fanposts section. I love to write and discovering this site really got my juices flowing.

The people of BTSC bring it every day. It's Steelers passion 24/7. You're like the James Harrison of blogs. You never  take a play off.

As a crazy, passionate Steelers fan, I get super-excited about the season, but I don't usually do much trash-talking online until around playoff time. And when I do, I normally go to craigslist and argue with people from other cities. But here, you guys bring it starting the very first week of the regular season.

Before the first game against Atlanta, I remember reading more than one Steeler fan refer to the Falcons as the "Falcunts." And I  thought, "wow, that's pretty vicious name-calling for the first game of the season against an  NFC opponent." And then the next week, the Steelers were playing the Titans and people on here were calling them the "Titties" or the "Tits." And apparently, there was some really entertaining trash-talking between BTSC fans and people from the Titans' blog and Mini Hulk felt so bad about her behavior that she felt the need to apologize to the rest of us. I missed that entire thing, and I'm sorry I did because that must have been highly entertaining.  Wow, a war of words followed up by an apology and it was only the second game of the year? Impressive.

I can't wait to see this place if the Steelers make the playoffs. I haven't taken on any opposing teams' fans on their blogs yet, but you better believe, come playoff time, I'll be there!

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