Hump Day Mix: Regular Season Week 6, Boy Toy McCoy Beware

One more week filling in for DJ Jazzy Slash.  This one will be a bit shorter since there's no previous game to discuss.  More after the jizzle...

Quick blurb on last week's predictions.  Arn predicted the Steelers would be on a bye, and by-freakin-god he was spot on.  Good stuff Arn.  I predicted I'd still be moping about the Ravens game, but I was wrong.  I'm instead glad I'm not worrying about our QB this Sunday.  In a weird way, this is officially the end of the offseason.  At one point it felt like all the drama would never end.  Well now the suspension is in the books, we're sittin' at 3-1, and I'm excited as hell for Sunday.


Predictions for the Browns game?

PixburghArn: I predict that Hines Ward and Heath Miller will emerge and Rush-Hard Spin-Then-Haul will take charge.  The defense will score in this game and pretty much keep this game out of reach for the Browns.  Final score Steelers 27 Browns 9.

count'em_six: Shear terror for Colt McCoy.  I predict 8 sacks.  3 for Harrison, 2 for Woodley, 1 for Farrior, 1 for Timmons and 1 for McCoy...yes he will sack himself.  The defense will continue to steal the show.  I have a feeling our offense won't quite click the way we're all hoping - at least not yet.  Just a gut feeling.  Reed will get a couple token FG's, maybe one TD on the ground and in the air.  I see a 20-10 final, but not as close as the score indicates.


Who are your predicted Standouts?

PixburghArn: On offense the standout will be Ward.  I say two TDs for Ward.  The standout on defense will be Deebo.  I predict a strip sack taken to the house.

count'em_six: Offense - Ben.  He's gonna stand out no matter what stats he puts up.  He'll be all the talk.  It might get really annoying (like Favre annoying), but it'll die down over the weeks to come.  Defense - Last game I went with Ike, this time I'm going with Troy.  McCoy won't have time to go deep, not to mention he's a baby out there.  The playbook (if they even have one) won't be completely opened up for him.  He'll be playing it safe with short passes and Troy will be all over it.  2 picks for Head and Shoulders.


What are your concerns for this week's game?

PixburghArn: The same concern for every game against the Browns; Josh Cribbs.  The front seven has to be on it's game and special teams has to be ready to shut down Cribbs. 

count'em_six: I understand your concern Arn, but I'm more concerned with injuries.  That's obviously not because I think the Brownies pack a punch.  It's the freak injuries that worry me.  I worry more about that stuff against teams that leave something to be desired in the talent department.  As we all know from last year, the Cleveland Steamers are actually capable of beating us, so I'm not looking passed them.  I'm just being realistic - this is a team we should beat with little problem.

Any Random notes?

PixburghArn: I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Bengals and Browns lose this week.  Then I was treated to a Cowboys loss to top the night off.  I really didn't care about the Jets vs. Vikings.  Also, all the teams we beat this year have one loss.

count'em_six: The Jets are quickly rising the ranks of hated teams in my book.  Not sure if anyone noticed the scrum with some of the Vikings players before the game on Monday.  None other than Bart Scott was in the middle of it - again.  I can't freakin' wait until we play them.  And why was Tomlinson walking back to the huddle like a little five year old brat after he ripped off ten yards for a 1st down?  Was that supposed to be a celebratory march?  He looked like he had a stick up his ass.  Whatever.


Cheerleader of the week?  Enjoy.

Sarah Shahi - Courtesy of  Well she's actually an ex-NFL cheerleader.  She's Spanish-Iranian.  Hello.


Mariana, Tampa Bay - Courtesy of


Jovann, Oakland - Courtesy of


And finally Katy, from Buffalo - again courtesy of

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