Driveby Report: They were Brown so we flushed them down edition

I was not able to see almost all of the first quarter.  I was helping my wife.  I never take notes from the games so I have to depend on what I remember.  In case you haven't guessed I have an excuse every week.  One day I am going to take notes and do a thorough Driveby.  Maybe not.  That's the reason I call it a Driveby anyways.  I's just straight from the hip and sprayed.  Anyhow, hide your kids and your pets because the bullets are about to fly.

1. Deebo:  I had to put him first because he jacked Josh Cribbs and Massaquoi for some change.  Then he took their bike.  He then turns around to Coach Mangini and says, "You want some old man?"  But seriously, he may get fined. I also have him first because because he was a tackling machine.  He was battling Timmons out for defensive player of the game.

2. Ben: I really missed him.  Franchise QBs are not a dime a dozen.  Ben started out in this league with tools and intangibles.  The only stat that was pretty was his win/loss total.  Ben put those tools and intangibles together with experience and has become one of the best.  Great job yesterday.  Even though he was a little high on his touch passes (understandable).  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezz don't do anything stupid in the off season anymore.  Okay?

3.Timmons: Debo played out of his mind. He was hitting everything that moves, but Timmons was right with him.  Timmons covers so much ground he looks like he misses assignments at times.  In most cases most linebackers would never have gotten there.  So he's a step late because he shouldn't have even been in the vicinity.

4. Rush-Hard Spin-den-Haul:  He's earning his keep.  I still don't like how he holds the ball, but he's doing work.  I remember thinking on one run though, "Jerome Bettis would never get pulled down by his jersey like that."    I know. He's not JB.

5. B-Mac: He puts his head in there.  Man you can't over-appreciate a tackling corner.  I saw him look like he got a stinger and he still came up and got the tackle the next play.  He also does a good job of coverage.  He is definitely a good fit for LeBeau's defense.

6. Wood:  The Browns paid special attention to Wood.  Even though the stats sheet doesn't show it, Wood was a disruptive force.  He could have easily had a couple more sacks and an INT.  Count me as one of the people that recognized his contribution in this game.  You can also count me in (always have been) as one of the many people that are hoping for his signing as soon as possible.

7.  Am I the only one that felt like Hillis had more than 41 yards rushing? Maybe it was the receiving yards that mixed me up.

8. Ward and Miller: As predicted they emerged with the addition of Ben.  What you saw today would have been pretty much what you would have seen against the Ravens if Ben was there.   

9.  Speaking of Ravens:  That "elite" QB didn't look so elite in the clutch this week for the SECOND PLACE Ravens.

10. Defense:  You have to give it to the boys.  Hillis is not a runningback you like to have to tackle especially when he has a head of steam, but they did a good job of stopping him.  The other AFC North defenses couldn't do it.

11. Wallace:  This is only his second year folks.  I'm not going to talk about underthrows.  I am going to say that you know you have speed when you can slow down to catch the ball and the DB can't get to you.

12. Sanders:  Not great on K.O. returns but he showed some flash in receiving.  He came up huge plays on 3rd and longs.  Remember the comparison to Hines Ward?  Those are plays Hines makes.  For your QB to look for you in that situation he has to have some confidence in you.  Great plays rook!

13. Robopunter: The nice kicks inside the 20 messed with his average but when he had to he boomed them.  Sign him too please.

14. Speaking of punting, how about Cleveland getting greedy and having us kick 3 times instead of just taking the ball?  Three strikes you're out.  Stuckey is the stuckee. 

15. I don't do this often but:  I have to give some props to the young Browns.  Ward and Haden were clearly the best Browns defenders on the field. Colt McCoy also did a good job today.  He was a rookie QB going against Dick LeBeau's defense.

16. I will be out of country and will not be able to see the game where I will be so there will be no Driveby next week.  Well there may be.  I am working on something right now.

17. This bullet is for you.

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