Hump Day Mix: Regular season week 7 "Laces out Dan!"


Hump Day Mix: Regular Season Week 7 - Laces Out, Dan!!


I'm sorry for the late Tuesday poast...Arn, 6, and I are in for a hetic work week, and in case you're wondering what the hell "Laces Out, Dan!!" means, it was from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  The Miami Dolphins' mascot was stolen, so Ace was on the case.  Pretty funny flick if you haven't already seen it. There is a trifecta this week The 3 musketeers have taken the Helm…Since 6 came up with the opening and Arn is on hiatus for awhile after this week, 6 and I your buddy DJ Dirty Slash will hold down the fort. Anyway, let's hump after the jump...



What about those predictions from last week?


PixburghArn: Dude I predicted Hines Ward and Heath Miller would emerge and Rush-Hard would take charge.  All of that was good, but maybe Rush Hard taking charge was a small reach.  The best part of this prediction was the 27-9 score.  I was off by just a point on each.


count'em_six:  I predicted 8 sacks...well actually 7 since McCoy couldn't really sack himself.   There were 5 in all.  Harrison, Timmons, Woodley and Eason got into the mix...with Eason the only one I didn't predict.  I also predicted Farrior, but he did not produce in that department.  The defense continued to wreak we all know Harrison led the charge with his monster hits on Cribbs and Massaquoi - here's wishing a speedy recovery.  The offense didn't start clicking right away as BB showed some rust with the early INT, but he sure shook it off.  I did not predict 3 TD's for him - only 1.  Reed also didn't get one FG.  28-10 is pretty good, but Arn definitely takes the prize with his score of 27-9.

Webslasher81: Since this is my first official poast back in the land of BTSC, I didn’t predict anything other than talking to my dad before the game and he said BB would have a big day and I agreed with him. I also told my dad that the D is pissed and will make a statement on the Brownies and it held true from the jump to the end of the game.


Predictions for the Miami game?


PixburghArn: I predict our offense only punts twice.  Miami will have some drives featuring Bess and Marshall, but will have problems getting into the endzone.  We win this game 45-23.


count'em_six: We may get another pick from BB, but I think he puts up another 250 with 2 TD's...with another 100+ QB rating.  Final score, 28-17 Steelers.  Dang Arn....45-23??


Webslasher81: The wildcat from Me-am-I’s side will only prove that the D will step up and punish whatever is thrown or ran at them. Poor Dolphins…Final score 24-10! ARN!? Lol…I know right 6! Arn expects a spectacle! Let the fireworks fly haha!!!


What about those standouts?


PixburghArn: I said Ward would be the offensive standout.  Though he was definitely present, I'd have to say it was Ben that was the offensive standout. He used 6 different receivers and 5 of them had more than one catch. Nice job by Count'em on that.  I said Deebo would be the standout on defense and would have a strip sack.  No strip sack, but he did have 1.5 sacks, led the team in tackles with 10, 2 assists and a forced fumble.


count'em_six: Ben definitely stood out on O as predicted - not only in the headlines but with his play.  He earned it.  Glad the crowd was receptive...won't be the same in Miami.  We're with you BB...hang in there brutha.  On D I went with Troy, and he was serviceable, but not quite the standout.  8 tackles - 3 solo, nothing in the turnover department.


Webslasher81: Hmm…BB tore it up (minus the errand pick but that’s a given when you come back to start after missing 4 games.) Rush-hard looked amazing, the O-line stood their ground and the D showed the reason why were the best in the Biz (Hats off to Deebo…).


How did they handle your concerns from the Browns game?


PixburghArn: I was concerned with Cribbs. My standout Deebo took care of Cribbs.


count'em_six: My concern was injury...and Diesel did go down.  Let's hope it's not too long.  We need depth in that dept.  Hammy's can really nag.


Webslasher81: I agree with Arn, Cribbs is a beast but…Deebo took care of that. As for Diesel, Eason or possibly Hoke will be a good fill in for him this week while he recovers although I expect a speedy recovery from him nonetheless.


What are your concerns for the Miami game?


PixburghArn:  I am concerned with Brandon Marshall.  We never really shut him down.  If they stop him Bess could be a problem.  My biggest concern is Marshall and second concern is Bess.


count'em_six: Our defense.  Yea you heard me right, our defense.  With, IMO, the ridiculous public outcry and NFL knee-jerk reaction on all the hard hits going around, I hope our D doesn't kick it down a notch and miss tackles or not wrap people up in fear of getting fined.  If this trend continues, I'm telling you this league will be no better than flag football....maybe two hand touch.  I fear football may never be the same.  This is obviously a much larger scale concern than one game...but applies nonetheless.


Webslasher81: The Miami crowd! Lol j/k actually to piggyback on both Arn and 6 respectfully (TWSS), Marshall and Bess are a concern as well as our D letting up on the cylinders a little after this past week…But I have to admit for the D at least "We must protect every blade of grass, and play every game like it’s our last.".


Random notes?


PixburghArn: I caught the end of the "dominant Ravens" game.  I remember someone saying they would kill New England because they have an "elite" QB. So I went over after our game to watch the murder.  Only I saw the same old Joe Flacco inept at the end of the game and overtime leading his team to a great loss. Also, I'll be out of the country for the next couple weeks so Slash & Count'em will be bringing the funk. Take care my friends.


count'em_six:  A hearty welcome back to Slash!  Thanks man for letting me fill in for you during your relocation.  Looking forward to doing this with you another week or two while Arn is away.  This has been a lot of fun.  Arn, have a safe trip brother.  Looking forward to your return.  Slash, I'll leave the cheerleader pics to you...


Webslasher81: In all honesty I have to thank the both of you guys for keeping up the pace for our rabid poast hungry friends on the best site on the interwebs BTSC! When I had the time at local gas stations/rest areas and Hotels while traveling, I read your poasts and they made me tear up a little bit. Once again from the bottom of my heart I thank you both as well as the BTSC community for welcoming me back…Now let’s get to the cheerleader/pics from around the world that you all have been craving for…


I had the opportunity to surf the net…for some tasty pics I hope you enjoy!


Meet The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders…I don’t know who they are but… Miami-dolphins-cheerleaders-swimsuit-calendar-in-casa-de-campo_medium


And from around the world…I chose for this week Brazil.


Meet Eva…yowza!




And finally…a group for all of us to adore… Brazil_women_medium


I hope you enjoyed the Poast this week ladies and germs…until next week when 6 and I head down to the Big Easy to get a little greasy!!!
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