Pick 'Em!

Here we go Steelers, here we go! Winners, as always, in bold.


Atlanta over Cincinnati: Falcons are just too good to bow down for the Queen City Kitties.


Chicago over Washington: Much as I hate to admit it, Jay Cutler has found his place in The Windy City. Plus, the Skins have McChoke.


Philadelphia over Tennessee: The Iggles look tough this year without Vick. Plus, Young has looked pretty mediocre so far.


Kansas City over Jacksonville: This should be one of the "Derp" picks of the week. The Jags aren't "wowing" anyone, and The Chefs have looked superb so far. Even in the loss to Indy, they came close to stopping the Manning "juggernaut".


Pittsburgh over Miami: I'm not even going to bother putting the reasons the Steelers win this year. They win because I say so. :)


New Orleans over Cleveland: I thought about picking this the other way for one of my "upsets", but I think the Saints can do enough to squeak this one.


St. Louis over Tampa Bay: I really think the Bucs have what it takes to win...Next year. They are missing some key pieces that may be available in this draft. Besides, There's no way the Bucs can contain Stephen Jackson.


San Francisco over Carolina: Yikes. This one could bounce either way. These teams combined record is 1-10. I picked SF because I think the win over the Bay Area Rivals last Sunday will spark them to jump out to a commanding 2-5 record. This game could very well set an NFL record for most turnovers.


Baltimore over Buffalo: The only thing The Bills have right now is BJ Speller. This should be another bye week for the Ratbirds.


Seattle over Arizona: All of a sudden, the She-hawks are coming alive, and winning a game away from Qwest field. The NFC West is such a horrible division, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams win it this year.


Denver over Oakland: This could go either way for me, so, once again, I'll give the victory to Mile High Stadium, or whatever the hell they call it these days.


San Diego over New England: As much as I hate both these teams, the Chargers lead the league on offense. You read that right. With the cheatriots defense sucking harder than...Well, make your own joke here, this should be an almost blow out for the Bolts.


Minnesota over Green Bay: The running game will decide this one, and since the Packers don't have even the ghost of one, AP will be the hero for the Vikes.


New York (Giants) over Dallas: As much as I hate anything Manning, I hate the Cowpatties more. Besides, Romo just plain sucks.


Well, there you have it folks, my picks for this weekend. Leave yours in comments, tell me how stupid I am for picking this team over that one, whatever, but most importantly, Have fun!

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