Mini Hulk's Monday Madness Thread 10/25 edition

Good morning everybody. Here's this week's topics:


  • Thoughts on the Steelers @ Dolphins
  • Rick Rypien's suspension
  • Texas Rangers and the San Fransisco Giants series reviews
  • Opinions about the other teams in the NFL
  • Giants @ Cowboys preview 

Watching the beginning of the game, I had a funny feeling we were going to struggle head on. On the kick off, Emmanuel Sanders fumbled the ball, and Miami recovered. With great field position to start the game, you'd expect the Dolphins to take an early 7-0 lead. Instead, they were stuffed, thus, ending up with a field goal. 2nd posession for Pittsburgh, Roethlisberger tried to avoid a sack, but ended up fumbling the ball, giving the Dolphins great field position once again. Steeler's Defense stepped up, stuffed the Dolphins, and forced another field goal. In the 2nd quarter, Chad Henne threw the ball to Brian Hartline, who fumbled the ball, and it ended up in Farrior's hands. Looked almost as if Hartline was actually passing the ball to Farrior.  As we have witnessed time and time again, Big Ben showed his toughness as he stayed in the pocket, and threw a pass to Hines Ward, who fought off the defenders to get into the end zone. Touchdown Pittsburgh! 


Since the weather screwed my power last night, my dad and I sat in the car and listened to the game. They were talking about Roethlisberger's touchdown run that was overturned, but the lack of evidence prevented the Dolphins from getting the ball back. I didn't know what to think of the situation. Ben was shaking his head, the fans were going crazy, and I was trapped in a Mini Cooper with my dad, trying to picture the play that has just occurred.  With two minutes remaining, the Miami Dolphins were driving down the field. They didn't have any timeouts, so they couldn't waste any time. 4th down and 6, Henne threw the ball, James Harrison looked to have intercepted the ball (eventually ruled an incomplete pass) and Ben decided to kneel it down and end the game.  

Here's the stats for Big Ben: 16-27 for 302 yards, two touchdowns, no INTS, had three fumbles, but only lost one.

Rashard Mendenhall  was a bit off . 15 carries for only 37 yards.  

Mewelde Moore Looked alive yesterday.  4 received for 48 yards, ran for 11 too.  

How old is Hines Ward? He's not supposed to be ranking up number like this. 

7 received for 131 yards and a touchdown. he averaged about 19 yards yesterday. 


Overall, I'm disappointed by the way we won yesterday, but a win is a win. 



For those who don't really pay attention to the NHL, Rick Rypien has been suspended for six games. You're probably wondering why I even bothered bringing this up.  
Well, if you haven't seen the incident, here's the video:


It you haven't noticed, there's two problems with this (aside from the obvious)

1. There's no glass between the fans and the players. If I've been paying attention, the fans and the NHL players are supposed to be separated from each other with Plexiglass. The Plexiglass is also there to protect flying pucks from hitting a fan. Without the glass, Rick heard and saw the fan, took it the wrong way, and grabbed him. I wasn't there, so I can't say the guy did or didn't deserve it, but it should raise a few flags. 

2. The black tarp that's supposed to keep any flying objects away from the players. I mean, really. Are the people who are supposed to be setting up the arena that lazy? Do they not care about getting sued and losing their job? Here's a idea on what could have happened:

Suppose the fan threw a beer bottle at Rick. He get's mad, grabs the guy, and beats the living hell out of him. Other fans and players get into it (since there was no glass covering the area) and it gets out of control. Who's fault would it be? The players for defending their selves and their teammates? The fan who threw the bottle? 

You guys see my point?

If you haven't been paying attention to baseball, the Texas Rangers defeated the New York Yankees on Friday. Your ALCS MVP: Josh Hamilton. A well deserved honor. Out of respect for their MVP, they celebrated with ginger ale instead of the usual champagne. One of the nicest things I've ever seen in sports. :]


I'm really happy for them. All year long, they had to put up with the media saying that the Yankees were going to go back to the World Series, Challenge the Philadelphia Phillies, and win again. but not this year my friend. No. The Texas Rangers showed pride, guts, and heart all year long, and look where they're at now. Sure, they're going to be in San Fransisco to start the series, but they earned it. 
It's funny, The Yankees have great pitchers, but they couldn't do jack against the Rangers. They were also outscored 38-18...pathetic. I'd be ashamed if I was part of that organization.


Meanwhile, the San Fransisco Giants failed to clinch the NL at home, but they shocked the world and beat the Phillies in Philadelphia. The crowd was hostile the entire game. Everytime the Giants came to bat, the crowd booed. Things took a dramatic turn in the 3rd inning when Giants Pitcher Jonathan Sanchez hit Chase Utley with a pitch. Utley tossed the ball back to Sanchez, who took it the wrong way. He said something, Chase didn't like it, and a fight almost broke out. Sanchez was pulled out of the game, mainly because he gave up two quick runs and was throwing balls instead of strikes. 


As the game progressed, the Phillies were getting on base, but they couldn't capitalize. In the 8th inning, Juan Uribe hit what was the game winning home run. The fans suddenly went quiet, but got back into it when Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum, who played the other day, came in as a relief pitcher. He struck out Jayson Werth, but gave up two bases right after. Manager Bruce Bochy knew he wouldn't hold up long, did the right thing and pulled him out of the game. Then, the Closer Brian Wilson came in, and finished the job. With 2 outs in the 9th and two guys on base, Ryan Howard struck out, ending their season.

I'm actually bummed out that Roy Halladay and Tim Linceucm didn't live up to the expectations. As fans, we were expecting near perfect games from these guys. They were good, but not great. Actually seemed like Halladay struggled more then Lincecum.


OK, back to football.

So, the Saints aren't looking so well. Drew Brees threw 37 out of 56 passes for 356 yards, 2 touchdowns and 4 interceptions? Really? That's not like Brees. What gives? Chris Ivory can't cover for Reggie Bush. 15 carries for only 48 yards? Come on man. To make things worse, they lost at home. Unacceptable. It's not going to get any easier, as they have another home game next week, against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

I think Mike Singletary has officially lost his mind. The San Francisco 49ers are now 1-6 and he still claims they'll make the Playoffs! Your "franchise" QB, Alex Smith, went down with a sprained shoulder. The 49ers fans got a chance to see David Carr take the reigns. Nope, it didn't work. The Carolina Panthers earned their first win of the season. 

What the fuck is wrong with Chicago? I thought they were legit in the NFC. Well, I take that back. They suck. Jay Cutler is overrated and so is Chicago. 4 INTs yesterdy? What kind of crap is that? One word: pathetic. And to the Redskins? They're not even a contending team. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that. Aside from the Falcons, there are no contenders in the NFC. DeAngelo Hall picked off Cutler three times yesterday too. Not to shabby.

Who did the Raiders play? From what I heard, it was supposed to be the Denver Broncos. It was a no brainer who was going to win this right from the beginning. Nobody expected the Raiders to put up 50+ points in Denver. Sucks for the Broncos.If you're down 21-0 within the first 12 minutes in a game, chances are you're going to lose. 


Arron Rodgers finally defeated the man he replaced in Green Bay, a Mr. Brett Favre. The game was epic. Lots and lots of great, fantastic plays. Brett threw three INTs, all in the 2nd half. The Packer's Defense wanted to show the NFL world that they had what it takes to win the big games, and they didn't disappoint. Even though Favre was only sacked once, Clay Mathews and the Packers terrorized the Viking's Offense all night long. Maybe Arron Rodgers and Brett Favre can finally put this chapter to rest and move on.

Monday Night Football has the New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys. The Giants got off on a slow start, but they're emerging as the team to beat in the NFC. Dallas on the other hand, not so much. Dallas can't stop hurting their selves with stupid penalties. Example: After Roy Williams scored a TD against the Vikings last week, Miles Austin decided to play Leapfrog in front of the refs, getting a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff. How did that end up? A Vikings touchdown

That being said, expect a high scoring, hard hitting battle between the two. When the Cowboys opened their new home, Eli Manning and the Giants came in, won the game, and left their mark, literally.

I predict the Giants win on a game winning TD from Eli Manning (who is NOT overrated) to Hakeem Nicks.

Giants 28 Dallas 24



I hope you enjoyed the readin'. Tune in next week. 


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