I'm Sorry New BTSC Readers, Had To Do It To Squash The Scummy Spammers

Okay, we have a temporary solution to phasing out the low-life dirtbag, lazy ass SMALLTIME spammers that have tired their very best to diminish our collective experience here on BTSC.

The solution was pretty simple - require new members to wait a day before posting comments, fanposts or fanshots. I'd simply opted not to ever use this feature in the past, because I've been legitimately too concerned about losing out on great, regular readers and community members by doing so. Just think about - how may of you stumbled on the site one random day while reading, Yahoo Sports, a (likely frustratingly predictable) message board, or whatever other source that pointed you here? Maybe you liked something you read, maybe you disagreed vehemently with something you read. Bottom line is you were able to join the conversation within seconds really, and free of charge.

You likely were attracted by the high volume of participation from people other than myself, and realized that it might be fun to jump in, knowing that there were frequent conversations, well lubricated by cool features like auto-refreshing for comments, and collaborative publishing tools that allowed anybody - from the most well reasoned, and insightful observant fan, to the emotional donkey with nothing to say other than vent loudly - to write freely whenever.

It's these tools that make this site and others around the SB Nation network so fun. Hell, I feel legitimately sorry for a guy like Dale Lolley who does awesome work at his blog NFL From The Sidelines. He's bringing the goods each week, both in a traditional fashion for mainstream media outlets, but also in the 'new' media sphere with his side-project blog. I'd never be so presumptious as to actually feel sorry for a colleague like Dale, someone I respect immensely who happens to make a living doing something that's damn fun and that he's very good at....what I mean though really is that talented, hard-working folks like that really would benefit from some of the sick tools we have here at our disposal. And quite simply, I never wanted to diminish the impact of those tools in the sake of weeding out a few bad apples that had little to add to the conversation.


Anyway, even though this post was about spammers, I wanted to elaborate on why I've shied away from implementing a 24 hour period before new members can post for so long. So thank you for reading to this point.

Some of my actions may seem willy nilly at times, but I really do spend lots and lots of time thinking about how to make this the most enjoyable experience for us in a way that's laissez-faire and entrusting of adults to be adults. So to wrap up my rambling thoughts about why I've done things in a certain -  even though we've had a sufficient amount of our time wasted by ranting new posters, I truly believe the site has benefited from reeling lots of you outstanding regular readers and participants in from the moment when you first encountered the site. I dread thinking about just how many of you wouldn't have returned had you been forced to wait to jump into the action. Lots of stuff vying for our attention these days in the media landscape, and in life in general. I know I've failed to follow up at a site I've registered at before because I've had to wait to comment or what not. Out of sight, out of mind.

However, since these low-life lazy ass marketers have spammed the living daylights out of us, and because we can't ban IP addresses for reasons I'd be happy to talk to you about off site, it only makes sense to implement the rule. It's been so fu*&ng gratifying see a number of them shitbirds register tonight to post but not be able to. That gives myself and the mods 24 hours now to ban these sucktards before they can leave their mark on the site. You really shouldn't see any more fictirious bargains for knock off goods made in sweatshops in Mauritious any more here on BTSC. Hopefully, when these n00b, short-cut taking failures realize they're not getting anywhere, they'll move on to some other 'get rich quick' joke of a plan, and we'll be able to open it back up so that new eyeballs can join the party here as we enter the exciting winter months of the 2010 season..

Thanks for your patience and everything else y'all do to bring fun and satisfaction to my life each week.

Be blessed.

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