Well…Well boys and Girls once again were back with our musings at BTSC. Count’em six and Webslasher81 tapping the keg of golden knowledge that you, our fellow BTSC’ers are quite parched for…This week’s little taste of Black and Gold nectar flows down to the City of New Orleans dubbed "THE BIG EASY" where "The Wizard" (a.k.a. 6) and DJ Sleazy Slash tackle the "odds and ends" of the Me-am-I game, The Super Bowl Hangover (a.k.a. Saints), and some lovely pics that 6 and I have stirred up in the Ladies of the World and Cheerleader department. I hope you kids enjoy…this Hump Day mix off goes out to one of our fearless leaders Michael Bean (who is down in Louisiana), and our other brother in arms Arn (which is on hiatus…TBD).

What about those predictions from last week?

Count'em_six: I predicted 250 yds, 2 TDs, a 100+ rating and a possible INT for Ben.  302 yds, 2 TDs, 0 INTs and 132 rating.  Not bad!  I was a bit closer than Arn in the score column...28-17...not too far off from 23-22.  COuld have easily been 23-16 without the two fumbles to start the game.

Webslasher81: Well hell 6…lol! I guess I wasn’t that off either other than Miami scoring 22pts. BB fumbling 3 times (recovering 2) and a nail biter that would of made the hairs on even Harry Carey’s neck stand up. 24-10 was my final score and I was close for our pt’s, not so close for Miami’s. I said that the D would step up with a chip on their shoulder, they did what they had to do…given the fact, that the league was breathing down our necks. Henne, Bess, Marshall and Co. gave us a run for our money, but we came out with the "W" and that’s all that matters. I wish Aaron Smith a speedy recovery, you will be missed my man.

Predictions for the Saints game?

Count'em_six: This one could be a shootout.  Might take some time for the D-line to adjust to Smith's absence - and I fear they'll never totally adjust.  That being said, if Reggie Bush returns as projected, our D could really be in for a down week.  If he gets going (or any RB for that matter), it'll open up the passing game for Brees.  The Saints will be playing inspired football this week, because they can't lose again.  I'm thinking Drew throws for 300 and 2 TDs.  I really hope I'm wrong, but I'm thinking we take this one in the chin.  Saints 27, Stillers 20.

Webslasher81: Hmm…although 6, I agree that you do have valid points. I think this game will be a downright bloodbath. Our line is banged up yes, and the injury to the "Wolverine" gives a change in the lineup (Timmons possibly moving to OLB with Foote taking his ILB spot.) Either it is Ziggy or Eason filling in for Smith’s absence, the pressure will come down to that, our D line. I feel our secondary could be better than theirs, (Before you start to disagree…we have been watching what Cleveland did to expose the Saints D) but with the Saints at home with fuel in the tank to spark up a fire…that will be their motivation to air it out, I honestly don’t think Bush will be 100% so Brees will have more pressure on his back to do what Cleveland seemed to stump. Steelers win by 3, 27-24.

Who are your predicted Standouts?

Count'em_six: On O, it's gonna be Rashard.  The Saints have a good passing D (3rd in the league) so Ben won't quite get it going like he has the last couple weeks.  Salamander will get a TD or two and 100+ yards.  On D, look for Timmons to bounce back from a quiet week - 3 total tackles.  It will either be him...or Ziggy...shall he rise to the occasion.  Come on Zig!!!

Webslasher81: On O, BB will light up the air…(20-24 attempts 3 tds 342 yds. Passing). Wallace will shine on Sunday night, 2 td’s 10 touches, with 22 yrds rushing on BA’s reversal routes (lol). On D, shh…be very very quite Polamalu is hunting…he has been silent the past few games I expect him to come out of the cage like the "Tasmanian Devil" that we all have come to know and love…(2 picks, 2 sacks 7 tfl). Especially in the wake of Smith injured, he will control the flow of the D.

What are your concerns for this week's game?

Count'em_six: Obvious...defensive line.  I won't get all worked up if they start slow.  I realize it may take some time to get in gear.  I'm more concerned with how they finish than how they start.  Even if we do take this game on the chin, if the D-line starts making some stops, I'll have more confidence moving forward.

Webslasher81: Yep 6 nailed it on the head…the D line (groan). Baby steps, we at Steeler Nation all know that we build our team through the draft. It’s Ziggy’s time to shine…Hopefully we don’t falter too badly. I have faith in our coaching staff to make the right moves before and throughout this game. One game at a time, we always focus on one game at a time…

Random notes?

Count'em_six: I don't know the nature of injuries in the NFL (and am certainly no expert), but are arm injuries relatively common for linemen?  It was his tricep this time, last year was a rotator cuff and his bicep before that.  I may be missing something or have my years mixed up, but the chronic arm injuries just seem odd.  You hear about knees and ankles and backs, but arms?  Maybe it does come with the territory with the way they block.  Come someone explain?

Webslasher81: I see how this season can pan out…(Smith making a dynamic return in the playoff’s similar to Woodson’s season ending injury, only for him to come back, start, and play well in SB XXX. Call me crazy but I see this happening.) Fear not BTSC faithful we will overcome our obstacles…

Cheerleader of the week:

Count'em_six: Meet Priya...



Webslasher81: Meet Austin…



International Women of splendor:

Count’em_six: Welcome Shriya Saran Shreya from India...



Webslasher81: Hello Kylie Bax and Janine Bowen from New Zealand…BAAAZINGA!





Whew…haha! Was that a POASTFUL or what? Lol. Disclaimer: I have to admit 6, beat me on the pics this week lol. I hate to say this ladies and germs but…parting is such sweet sorrow. Tune in next week BTSC’ers, when 6 and I head up north, as in the AFC North to get a little Cincinasty with our division rivals. For a bout with the Bengals in our very own version of "The Rumble in the Jungle!".

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