Non-Footyball Poast- Who will you send down? (Hijackable Thread)

Hello everyone! Its your resident chef hitting you guys up with a non football poast.  More after the jump!

I was listening to the radio this morning and I was listening to Cowherd on ESPN Radio on my way to work.  We all know he is a BIG Steeler hater. He picks the Saints to win it this Sunday.  On that segment he was interviewing Sal P.(cant spell his name, so his nickname will be Soprano) Soprano gave him the facts on how Ben is a great QB, and the Steelers have balance in offense and our defense is playing amazing.  Cowherd stayed quiet afterward.

Well afterwards I thought man someone should take Cowherd and put him in a vault, or better yet the old Chilean land mine!  First, I am soo glad that all the miners were safe. And in no way I am trying to be ignorant to what these folks had to endure underground for 2 months.

But I was thinking on the car ride to work who will I send down there. Ten people. Mostly sports related.  No politicians as it can steer away from the comedic point of this poast. Well mine are:

Colin Cowherd-  He looks like he just smelled his fingers after he had them in his armpits.  His opinions are absurd, most of the time.  And he is a Steeler hater

Jerruh Jones- "How 'bout them Cowboys?", How about them Jerry?  Your jacked up Botox face hinders your preformance as an owner, and a GM.  Keep your superbacteria face away from the camera, and put a team that can contend.  They have been all talk for about 14 years, and have only 1 playoff win

Roger Goodell- enough said about him

Ray Lewis- Props to him for being one of the greatest LB's in the league, but I cant stand his stupid dance, his nasty tongue, and he STANKS!!

Tom Brady- He got dissed by Bieber himself.  Cut that hair Tom.

Mike Holmgren- Get over Super Bowl XL.  The Browns will never take you back to the promised land.

Tony Dungy- He's a great guy and all but how is he the medium from troubled player to the media?  He annoys me. Stick behind the desk in front of the camera.

Brad Childress- This guy throws his players under the bus.  How is he not fired? Why take Favre out of retirement? He has only ended up dissapointing my fantasy team and a lot of Viking fans. 10 INTS and counting a bum elbow and a broken ankle. 

Matter of Fact put Brett Favre there too- a guaranteed retirement.  He shouldnt start anymore.  Keep him in his Wranglers throwing picture perfect passes in flag football.

Lindsey Lohan- cant be all guys going down there!

Note to Mods: if its offending i'm sorry. not my purpose.  just trying to be funny :)

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