Driveby Report: Welcome Back Ben We Could Have Used You Edition

I wasn't going to do a Driveby but after some of the crap I'm seeing out there I guess I will.  First off let me tell you I was at the game and didn't have the help of replay.  There was some replay in the stadium but not much.  I'm ticked off, locked and loaded.

1. Wallace:  Underthrown a couple times and must have been invisible at times.  I mean I saw him open but..... never mind.

2. Randle El:  Like I said before, don't sleep on him.  I know you see him making plays.  I think that will increase when Ben is back.

3. Charlie Batch: I'm wondering how many people that were crazy enough to say he should keep playing when Ben gets back are now bashing him.  He was 4th string for a reason. 

4. Ravens' Dee:  I am now convinced that the Steelers will have no problem with them in Baltimore.  Things I noticed; they don't have much speed on the edges and while Ray Lewis is pretty good at what's in front of him, LBs and DBs can be had.

5. Penalties: 88 yards of Penalties against the Steelers: 70 yards rushing for the Ravens.  The Ravens had 4 first downs on penalties.  Two of them kept scoring drives alive.  One changed the situation from an attempt for 3 to a touchdown drive.

6. Franco Harris:  I saw him while I was walking back to my car. Got a picture too.

7. O-line:  The pass rush was pretty much neutralized.  Ngata did pretty well using up o-linemen, but when we needed a yard or two the Oline handled him pretty well.  It wasn't like Mendenhall was shut down and Batch didn't scare them into laying back.  That being said they didn't get to Batch much and Mendenhall did ok considering the Steelers didn't mask their intentions.  Now the false starts......they have to go.

8. Arians: Get off his back.  Many times he had the right call but execution was lacking; from Batch missing open receivers to linemen jumping.

9. Ike:  He actually intercepted a pass.  I was there to see it and I still didn't believe it.  That illegal use of hands, that was very costly was ridiculous. 

10. Skippy:  Does anyone remember the Bears game last year?

11. Timmons: He was a bright spot in the gloomy day.  The flats belong to him.  He was a force in other ways than the stats sheet.  Oh and he lit the stats sheet up too.

12. Farrior:  He can still support the run and did rather well (except on a particular run), but can we get someone else to cover people?  Ok, let's pretend I didn't say that.  I am going to ask for your help in this assessment because my eyes may have been playing tricks on me.  Here is my questions to you: First - "can you guess which run he messed up on?" Second - "Do you think Farrior did well in coverage?"

13. Opportunities:  A fumble and an interception = results two missed fieldgoals. [insert frowny face here]

14. Ryan Clark:  I see he introduced McClain to the same view McGahee got of the Pittsburgh sky. 

15. Where's Arn?: You may have seen me yesterday if... You say a black dude at the blowup fieldgoal thing in an away Roethlisberger jersey take off his coat, kick a fieldgoal and celebrate(ha); or you were near a black dude in an old Steelers coat with a huge Steelers emblem on the back wearing an away Roethlisberger under it in section 132 row HH seats 1 & 2; or you saw this same guy first in line at the Will Call window "S-Z".  You may have even seen me when I traded seats with my son and his girlfriend in section 227.

16. Since I was at the game and at times distracted with no way to rewind and i didn't tape it to watch again (like I really want to see that again) I am out of bullets. 

17.  Except for this one here:  Have at it.  Just don't shoot yourself because it's early in the season my friend.

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