Your bye week rooting guide.

Thought I'd help you guys find who to cheer for and who to boo with this bye week poast. I've been a bit inactive lately with work, although I'm still browsing the site daily. Iphone commenting is a bit slow.

Anyway after the jump we shall look for teams to applaud while we sit on our couches awaiting next week's Browns game.


So its the bye week. We're still a little sore from last week of course. But its time to move on and think forward. And with that, there are a slew of games this week that affect us indirectly. Take note.


I hate em and they stank the most!


Obviously I dont need to remind you that I hate the Purple Browns, the Runny Browns, and the Inmates. But they all play this week. So lets look at their games briefly.


The Broncos travel to the Purple Browns stadium this week. Broncos have a big home field advantage, its a shame they have to play on the east coast. They've had a rejuvenated passing attack but the ground game has faltered. Apparently we are in opposite world because this is far from normal. The Purple Browns have likewise gone flip-flop and are playing stout against the pass yet meager against the run. With any luck, the Broncos get both games on track and upset the Purple Browns. Ride em Broncos!


The Scurvy Pirates of Tampon Bay go to the murky mires of Cincinatti Ohio. The Tampon Bay team is coming off of a bye week, so hopefully they have corrected some issues after we exposed them as a fraud. However Cincy is coming off a loss to the Browns. They probably win this one and right the ship and quiet the naysayers for a week. Yay Tampon Bay.


The Atlanta Falcons go to Cleveland this week as Ohio hoasts two Confederate Slavery loving teams this week. Atlanta has played epicly since their loss to us in week 1. I see them putting together their 4 game win streak agains the Browns without a big hiccup. Go Falcons.


I hate em both and they both stank, but help us out anyway.


My hatred for the Cowgirls and the Ten'Teeth Titans combined would be enough to block James Harrison without holding. However, the Ten'Teeth Titans are AFC and for that I ask the Cowboys to please return them to their cousin-loving hick infested slack-jawed roots. Cheer for the Cowgirls.

I hate Brett Favre and his Penis, and they stank. but good luck!


While Brett's alleged dong is upright with joy due to his new teammate Randell Mossworth, I think the Jets will put up a good fight at home. Lets hope Purple Jesus runs over them like William Gay. Blow your horn for the norsemen!


I hate the undead and they stank, but win one for Al Davis.


As Al Davis prepares his undead army to attack all of civilization, thereby distracting him from football management, the Raiders have been a piss poor team. But they almost covered their spread last week against a superior opponent in Houston. Perhaps they can defeat Whale's Vagina and help even the AFC standings in our favor. Put it in the Black Hole!


I hate FetusHead Manning and he stanks!


Few things make me happier than watching Manning lose, and then reading the commentary the next week about how all his teammates let HIM down and that Manning would have been perfect if blah blah blah. Just make us stop talking about the Colts. Go chiefs!


I feel bad for them and they stank!

Having lived in Detroit, lets gvie an honorary huzzah to the Lions as they seek to win a game. They dont do it very often. And Detroits a pretty sad depressing city. Besides, their fine stadium was hoast to a beautiful moment in our history. Rawwwr Lions.


Cheer these teams with all your might and may the spirit of the Terrible Towel lend its magic to other teams while we rest our souls for a Week 6 Spanking of the most hated and stanky Cleveland Browns.

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