Steeler's vs. Saints reaction time fun post.

Why I am angry about this loss:

1. The Steelers lost.

Why I should not be angry about this loss:

1. We held the Saints to 20 points.  Seriously, don't blame Dick Lebeau's defense for holding the Saints to 9 points less than their average for the last three years.  The defense did their job good enough.

2.  We ran the ball well.  Five yards a carry and we were balanced outside of the obvious have to throw the ball times of the game.

3.  Didn't think we'd win this game, and I would have taken 5-2 at the start of the year with no qualms.

Why I'm still angry about this loss:

1.  Ben Roethlisberger.  I know he didn't have much time at all today, but seriously, he played like crap for three quarters.

2.  Randle-El.  I love him catching punts in traffic, need his hands and willingness to fair catch, but Sanders is a better third WR and a better replacement for Holmes than El or Wallace.  (not production, but the routes he runs well) I wanted to see Sanders vs their CB depth chart, but alas we got El.

3.  The Saints used screens and fake reverses to keep our pass rush at bay all game.  Could we do that a bit more?  Or at least run some quick pick routes or underneath routes please?  (Sanders has been running those well in limited action btw)

4.  The Steelers.  They lost.

My other random thoughts on the game.

Ike Taylor, great game.  Good to see you swaggin out there.

Troy, good to see you getting hits, even if I seriously think you used to get there faster.

Sean Payton, wow, he's a great coach.  Different style from Tomlin, and I'll take Coach T over him any day, but still Payton is a great one.

Tomlin's TO on the FG scramble, well played.  I honestly think the interaction there was Payton stealing a TO from Tomlin with that call, and Tomlin knowing it.  It was the right call (the TO), any crap about the defense being ready. . . it's crap.  Tomlin made the right call.

Isaac Redman good game man, too bad we don't ever give you a FB and let you run those short yards Mendy often gets stuffed on, but you did a lot today with limited action.

Spaeth sighting!

LeBeau pulled out some gems today:  The pick play for Harrison's sack and the Raven's style overload blitz that led to the fumble, both those plays were brilliant.

Responsibility for this loss I place on Ben Roethlisberger.  Before this game I kept thinking it would come down to a QB duel, and it did.  Ben needs to get his head on straight, something is not right with him and we need it to get fixed.  I wonder if the loss of Santonio Holmes is affecting him.  Holmes in the last two years got over 8 passes a game thrown his way.  Wallace doesn't even get 5, he got 4.5 last year and is at 4.8 this year.  Hines got 8.5 the last two years.

We're not in a bad place, but we aren't where we'd like to be, or where we need to be come playoff time.  I'm not worried, I just hope we find our way to becoming the team we have the potential to be.

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