Week 8 Power Rankings (1 to 16)

Here are my Power Rankings for Week 8 using my mathematical formula. I will illustrate how a team moved in the rankings. the first () is there overall score and the 2nd () is there previous weeks ranking.

1. New England Patriots (.994) (3)

The Patriots are 6-1 and are looking like the best team in the NFL. They have good wins, a great QB, and their defense is steadily getting better.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (.988)(1)

The Steelers lost to the Saints in an embarrassing display on offense. They now face a must win game against the Bungles. They can definitley improbe but its gonna take a more diverse offensive game plan and when the other team is in the RZ we need to play bump and run man coverage. But more on the Steelers later.

3. Baltimore Ravens (.986)(4)

The Ravens had a bye week but moved up due to the Jets atrocious performance.

4. New York Jets (.983) (2)

The Jets played worse than the Steelers. Yes, the Jets played worse than the Steelers.

5. New York Giants (.971) (9)

The Giants had a bye week but since the ranking come out before the MNF game last weeks game is now into account and the Giants are far and away the best team in the NFC.

6. Chiefs (.958) (7)

The Chiefs barley beat the Bills but a win is a win

7. Indianapolis Colts (.942)(6)

The Colts play tonight vs the Texans in a huge game in the AFC South.

8. Atlanta Falcons (.931)(8)

The Falcons were idle this week

9. Texans (.901)(10)

The Texans meet up with the Colts tonight in a huge game.

10. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (.873)(11)

Josh Freeman looks like a great future QB and has lead the Bucs to many a 4th QTR comebacks.

11. Packers (.875)(NR)

The Packers are coming off a dominating performance defensivley over the Jets and could take control of the NFC North in the next couple weeks

12. Saints (.869)(12)

Despite a huge win over the Steelers the Saints ranking stays the same. However there rating jumped from a .729 to a .869 so a huge jump for the Saints in that area.

13. Titans (.713)(5)

Me among many others had the Titans in the top 5 of the NFL last week. However, we all might have overrated them as they are even more one dimensional than the Steelers and don't have a great defense

14. Seattle Seahawks (.698)(13)

The Seahawks got blown out by the Raiders but they are still a decent team that could win the NFC West

15. Oakland Raiders (.653)(NR)

The Raiders are dominating the last two weeks in the NFL.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (.612)(15)

Idle this past week. Could compete for a Wild Card spot in the NFC.

Some Quick thoughts on these rankings

Last week the Raiders had a .431 in the ratings and made the biggest jump in the polls. The Packers also made a big jump going from .603 to .875. The Steelers did not move much (.003) but a loss this week could drop them out of the Top 10. That goes with the Jets as well. Another win for the Saints could move them to the top 7 or 8.

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