Hump Day Mix regular season week 9: "Tea Party Thursday edition"


Hello boys and ghouls, were back at it again! Arnie and I with be your tour guides for this weeks take for the Hump Day Edition, commenting about last weeks game with the Bungels and tackling our SNF foe the "CHOWDA HEADS" sit back, relax and enjoy the's gonna be a bumpy ride! (Side note: 6 a.k.a. "The Wizard" had to take a back burner for this week's poast...he will be back next week to compete the holy trinity. Sorry about poasting on Thursday I got wasted last night enjoying the Vets day holiday.). And now some thoughts from the "Captain"  of the cockpit, Arn...

PixburghArn: Sorry about my absence the last few weeks.  I think I have caught up enough to get some blogging done.  Then again, I will be out next week and this may start all over again.  I still plan on going to the Jets game, but there is an outside chance I won't be able to make that game.  It's been a great week returning the gestures of the Bengal fans from last year.  Reminding them that their 10 year peak to mediocrity is over and everything is back to normal.  Giving them the number to the suicide hotline and asking their women if they are ready for a real man yet.  And I'm being nicer to them than they were to me.  I asked one Bengal fan yesterday, how it felt to be looking up at the Browns.  He said, "You mean the Browns team that beat the Saints whom you couldn't beat?"  I said,  "Come on, we beat you and the Browns and you bring that argument to the table?"  You see what I have to deal with?

What about those predictions from last week?

PixburghArn: My only prediction for the Bengals game was that I'd be at the game.  I'm a beast.  I was absolutely right!

Webslasher81: Yeah Arn you nailed that one the head lol. I predicted that BB would have a good game and Mendy would rush for 118 yds and 1 td…I was right about the td off by 19 for the yds, as well as Troy P. righting the Defensive ship…either way I owe 6 a bottle of Capt. For our tailgater Dec 19th. We won and that’s what matters!

Predictions for the Patriots game?

PixburghArn:  I predict the Steelers defense has a bitter sweet game.  Bitter because of phantom penalties.  Sweet because the linebackers are going to get more than one pick.  Willie Gay may get a pick.  If he does then maybe the linebackers only get one.  I see New England not being able to do anything on most drives but magically being able to move the ball and score just when you think they are giving up.  I predict 27-17 Steelers.

 Webslasher81: I predict that Justin Beiber gets floored and Deebo ends up with another "falsely accused" fine. Lol. All jokes aside, the Patsies are coming to the ketchup bottle and will give up massive chunks of yards to Mendy (24 carries 110 yds 2 tds.), and the D steps up big and takes out the "GQ General"  at the knees (pun!). The chowda heads lose and we own the mountain, Steelers: 24, Bostonia: 20.

How did your predicted standouts perform?

PixburghArn: I did not predict any, but if I was going to postdict I would say Deebo and I think he'll break up a pass on fourth down to ice the game.

Webslasher81: Mendy did well, so did BB, I have to say this Troy wasn’t quiet at all, although it would have been nice if he would of gotten a couple of picks but I’m not complaining. I think we played well with all of the injuries, minus the b/s flags of 1.unsportsmanlike conduct on "The Hotel", 2. Roughing the passer called on "Big Snack", and 3. The pass interference call on "Can’t see me".

Predicted standouts?

PixburghArn: My predicted standout is Woodley on defense.  I think he'll have an INT, FF & 2 sacks.  On offense I think it will be Hines Ward.  Ward will have over 100 yards and a TD.

Webslasher81: My pair will be Timmons on the D, (5 tlf, 15 total tackles, 1 sack), and I think H-E-A-T-H comes away with 2 tds. 3 touches, 53 yds.

Were your concerns for the Bengals game a problem?

PixburghArn: I didn't provide any concerns last week.  T.O. and the blitz would have been my concerns.  I think they handled the blitz well.  They let T.O. get off and it almost cost us the game.

 Webslasher81: The injuries on the O line, and the crazy flags that were thrown, Tomlin has to curb this before it does bites us on the arse.

What are your concerns for this week?

PixburghArn: As always my concern with New England is Brady.  If he's given time he can surgically take you apart.  I know time is a QBs best friend, but Brady kills us consistently if given time.  Cleveland did well against him, but Mangini knows Brady well.  He used to see him and coach against him in practice all the time.  Along with Brady, my concern is how they used their multiple tightends near the goalline and how he finds them when he needs a first down.  They are pretty good receivers and they block better than average.

 Webslasher81: I agree with Arn, BRADY…we must contain him, if we fluster his magic we steal the flame. Oh and our O line.

Random Notes:

PixburghArn:  At the Bengals game last week, I looked around and the first thing I noticed is the Ben-Gals were actually really nice looking this year, for a change.  Also the fanbase has an incredibly high percentage of beautiful women (at the game), except for the drunk skagg that was yelling at me.  I just told her boyfriend or brother to check his pooch.  He may have thought I said pouch.  Either way, he needed a nut check or muzzle his Chihuahua. I wore my new Steelers coat, which LOOKS like leather and cost me $40.  Someone asked me if I paid $800 for it. 

Webslasher81: I was COMPLETELY sober for 3 quarters, and into the 4th until about 10 mins left when I started binge drinking when we had the game in the bag 27-7, that’s when shiola hit the fan and the errand flags made me switch from beer to Jack straight, I work with 2 Bengals fans, and I before the last play of the game, their lives flashed before my eyes…laughing at me, it was terrible last year when we lost both times to them, I didn’t want to go through that again.

 Cheerleaders of the week:

PixburghArn:I see our opponent’s cheerleaders are preparing for battle as well.  Uhhh, you girls need any help getting limber?

Cheer7__1235847323_9862_medium Webslasher81: I’m going with next week’s competition  which is less STIFF compared to Arn's pic above (TWSS) to say the least lol. Hello Staci from Oakland…


Staci_raiders_1_l_medium  The most interesting women of the world:



PixburghArn:International time.  I’m staying in Latin America.  I’m keeping in PG13 folks.  I like the natural beauty of my Latin beauties.  I pick this one so you wouldn’t have to guess where she’s from. 

Miss_brazil_medium Webslasher81: I am impressed Arnie…you haven’t skipped a beat my man. I am going with Bratislava this week…meet Nexa…



Kixinka2_medium  Well ladies and germs this wraps up this week's hump day mixery, I hope all of our faithful followers at BTSC have enjoyed the flight...get ready for next weeks itinary when the Crypt Keepers "Raider Nation" comes to town, get ready b/c it's gonna feel like the 1970's all over again.



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