Would you rather?

A mindless but fun game to play to pass the time while drinking (or not drinking if you're not into that whole imbibing thing) is "Would you rather?"  The purpose of this game is to come up with two scenarios that are both terrible and make people choose which they would rather do.

For example:
Would you rather re-watch the patriots game from last night or the Browns game from last year?

Some Steelers related "Would you rathers" after the jump...

We have a lot of talk around here about how to fix the Steelers.  Common themes are firing Bruce Arians, having Dick Lebeau change his scheme to account for the short passing game, getting the young players move involved in the game plan, and the occasional fire Mike Tomlin comments.  All decisions have ramifications beyond the obvious.  That's one thing I think these solutions miss out on.  So a simple game of Would you rather?


  1. Two minutes left in the game and the Steelers are up by 3 with the ball inside their own twenty yard line.  Would you rather have the offense run the ball 3 times and use up all the opponents time outs or run twice and throw it once leaving them extra time AND a time out?  
  2. Would you rather our corners came up and played more press coverage and get beat occasionally off the line causing huge gains against the defense or would you rather the defense plays a shell defense keeping everything in front and forcing the opponent to not make a mistake?
  3. Would you rather be #1 in the league in defensive turnovers or defensive yards allowed?
  4. Would you rather be #1 in the league in rushing defense or #5 in the league in passing defense?
  5. Would you rather change a scheme that in most games is allowing less than 20 points a game in order to try an untested system that could be better but could be worse?
  6. Would you rather have a system that generated the best offensive yardage numbers in Steelers history, or start fresh with a more "Steelers style" incorporating a fullback and 3 yards and a cloud of dust?
  7. Would you rather have a coach who is not a mastermind in play calling or scheming but is an excellent communicator who fosters a team where players desire to come back and play for him again OR would you rather have a schemer who often wins the "coaching matchup" but is difficult to get along with and play for?
  8. Would you rather play a rookie WR who will make some occasional highlight catches or runs OR play a veteran who knows the offense and always make the right cuts + runs the correct routes? 
I'm not sure of all the answers here...  I do think that we as fans over-simplify these questions.  "Fire Bruce Arians" we say, but what other consequences follow from that statement?  Working in management gives you the realization that every decision you make has ripple effects through an entire company.  Even more so with a sports team at the highest level of competition.  
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